Four men have avoided serious punishment after being caught stowing away on a freight train out of Victoria.

The freight train departed Melbourne at 10.30pm Monday, bound for Perth.

South Australian police were called when the four men were seen by the driver when the train stopped at Adelaide Freight Terminal at Regency Park yesterday morning.

Four men have avoided serious punishment after being caught stowing away on a freight train out of Victoria. (9News)

Some of the group, originally from the Northern Territory, said they were trying to get back home while others said they just wanted to get away from Victoria’s lockdown.

“It’s against the rules, they’ve been caught, they’ve been a stowaway and it’s a clear message to whoever wants to stowaway or illegally enter SA’s borders – you will be caught and you will be dealt with,” SA Attorney General Vickie Chapman told 9News.

Nicholas Batty, Sam Gledhill, Jacob Todd and Alexander Moore (L-R) all escaped conviction for stowing away on a freight train out of Victoria. (9News)

Although the toughest penalty for breaching COVID-19 restrictions in SA is a $20,000 fine, the four men avoided conviction and were released on $1000 bonds.

Police say the group will be taken to a city hotel and – pending their COVID-19 test results – will either immediately be sent back to Victoria if negative or remain in South Australia for treatment if positive.

Current restrictions in South Australia

South Australia is not permitting any travellers from Victoria into the state, unless they are essential.

Travellers from the Northern Territory, Queensland, Tasmania and Western Australia can enter South Australia directly without restriction, however anyone from the Australian Capital Territory or New South Wales, who isn’t an essential traveller, is required to self-quarantine for 14 days on arrival.

The men fronted court today and claimed they didn’t know about South Australia’s strict border controls. (9News)

There are road checkpoints at all border thoroughfares into South Australia, as well as police patrolling airports and other transport terminals.

There is a cross-border travel register that must be filled out at least three days prior to travelling into South Australia and must specify your reason for entering the state. 

People arriving from overseas are required to enter a supervised 14-day self-isolation and as of July 18, this will cost $3000 for one adult, $1000 per additional adult from the same group and $500 per child.

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