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Five Tips on Orchid Watering

One of the most difficult factors in caring for orchids is determining how often to water them. Even the most experienced growers have trouble knowing when the plant is ready for water. Listed below are several tips for orchid watering.

How to Plant Magnolia Trees at Home

Having a tree at home can provide you with a lot of benefits. It can give you shade and protects you from experiencing the effects of too much exposure of the sun. It also permits natural air to get inside your home. Aside from that, they add beauty to every home especially with its beautiful green leaves and attractive flowers. Magnolia trees are one of the most beautiful trees in the world and you can try to plant them at home.

Hozelock Auto Reel Versus Regular Hose Reels

When you are looking for the best possible way to store your garden hose, while making it easy to use it everyday, you will soon discover the various options you have. With every type, there are pros and cons, but one specific hose reel has so many pros, that I have to mention it to you here: The Hozelock Auto Reel.

An Indoor Plant System – Basic Principles of Hydroponics

A look at the benefits that a hydroponic indoor plant system can deliver. Specifically a focus is taken on some of the principle factors included in the science of hydroponics.

How to Make a Worm Compost Bin

How to make a compost bin at home will do a lot of good for your garden. Adding worms to the equation will give your garden a huge boost.

Watering Orchids – Quick and Easy

Today we are going to talk about watering Pahelaenopsis Orchids. Phalaenopsis Orchids are among the most popular orchids kept by people in their homes today and that is why I’d like to address the proper and correct way to water them.

The History of Hydroponic Plant Cultivation

A brief history of hydroponic science and techniques. Specifically this article focuses on the early developments of Sir Francis Bacon and John Woodward as well as the evolution of the science by Messrs Gericke, Hoagland and Arnon.

Build Not One, But Two Waterfalls

A water feature with a waterfall in the landscape becomes the focal point of the yard. The sound of the water bouncing over rocks before it hits the pond masks intrusive noises from the street or city.

Over Door Shoe Rack – How to Use it to Plant Flowers

An over door shoe rack could be utilized other than just sorting out your favorite shoes. This hanging shoe organizer gives space for up to twelve flowers. An over door rack is a good idea for displaying and planting flowers. Place it on a porch column, a fence, or wherever you wish to exhibit a unique, dazzling flower! Go after these simple guidelines to know how to utilize an over the door shoe rack as a planter.

Tips For Growing Indoor Fruit Trees

If you live in an apartment, or you do not have the ability, space or time to grow and care for full grown fruit trees you may want to try your hand at indoor gardening by growing some indoor fruit trees. Many fruits can be grown indoors. The most popular are the citrus fruits, such as lime, lemon and orange, however you can also grow other fruits, such as grapes, indoors as well.

Grow Tents and Mold

Grow tents are becoming more and more popular as more people decide to grow plants indoors. These grow tents are used for a number of different reasons including keeping the light secluded to the room, keeping light out during dark phases, keeping everything organized, and keeping pests and mold out of your grow space and away from your plants. Pests and mold can completely destroy a healthy crop if let to grow out of control.

Providing Free Standing Support

It is not always convenient to grow a climber against a wall, and a free standing support gives flexibility in planning which climbers to grow and where to place them. Climbers can be used to shield an unsightly part of the garden from view as well as adding variety to already attractive areas. If you wish to grow a climber through a tree or a shrub, you must make sure that you have compatible candidates. Neither plant should compete unduly for either moisture nor will nutrients or both suffer. The established plant must also be strong enough to bear the weight of a full grown climber, which can be considerable.

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