African Nightcrawlers – Harvesting Large Worms 03/01/2022

African Nightcrawlers - Harvesting Large Worms 03/01/2022

Common Orchid Problems – Five Simple Fixes

Orchids are beautiful plants but you do have to know how to take care of them. Like all houseplants, you will need to be aware of the problems with growing them. With this in mind, let us examine the specific orchid problems you might encounter as compared to other plants.

How To Repot the Phalaenopsis Orchid – Step By Step

Healthy orchids will produce beautiful, stunning flowers. Species like the Phalaenopsis will bloom annually given the right care. The right care includes repotting the plant periodically using a clean work environment and sterilized tools.

The Phalaenopsis Orchid Care

Phalaenopsis or Phal, or also called Moth orchid, is an orchid genus introduced by Blume in 1825. This genus name refers to phalaena, a name of the moth (Lepidoptera) subdivision given by Carolus Linnaeus, since this orchid closely resembles the shape of a moth. This genus includes about 60 species which are native to the South East Asian region from the Himalayan mountains to the Indonesian archipelago, Malaysia, the Philippines and northern part of Australia.

Important Things You Should Know When Planning a Vineyard

Some of the most important decisions will take part in the planning phase of your vineyard. It is crucial to take your time and make sure every detail of your vineyard is planned out.

How to Grow Button Mushrooms for Your Table

If you are a cuisine gourmand, you know the importance of mushrooms in your favorite dishes that you do superbly well simply because you know the flavors and textures of the delicate mushrooms you use to make your dish divine. The rest of us, well, we know that Button mushrooms are what we buy at premium prices in the grocery store and would like to know how to grow our own. After some research this is what we came up with as the easiest method to grow Button mushrooms for our table. Some mushrooms grow quite well in compost while others prefer wood and wood shavings, sometimes even straw.

Are You A Beginner Vegetable Gardener?

Deciding to learn how to grow a vegetable garden can be one of the most fulfilling, beneficial as well as fun endeavors you could undertake. Some people are very likely to counter that statement, but they’re the same ones who pay full-price for commercial vegetables and don’t even know if the produce is totally organic or healthy. Imagine lush, leafy greens or fresh, ruby red cherry tomatoes that’s fresh out of the garden-right there and just in time for dinner.

Solar Lights Can Be Both Addictive And Practical

We are actively trying to find ways to help conserve our planets resources. We have discovered a very easy, cost effective way to begin. Solar lights! We have become totally involved and addicted to both the beauty and the practical uses they bring to our surroundings.

Garden Hose Reels – Heavy Duty

Garden hose reels are just like any product where you can find one for a cheap price and the quality will not be as good as a nice heavy duty garden hose reel. When buying a garden hose cart or reel you have two options; plastic or metal. Metal will most likely be the more durable quality of the two but you run into problems like rust, which will eventually break down the garden hose reel. You can get some heavy duty plastic garden hose carts and hose reels as well.

How to Grow Organic Tomatoes – Why Is It a Must?

In this day when most vegetables and fruits are genetically-modified, how to grow organic tomatoes becomes necessary in maintaining a healthy food selection. We are all aware…

Bonsai Trees And Why They Are Special

Have you ever had a favorite plant? Was it something that you germinated, planted, waited for and grew successfully? There is nothing quite like the feeling of seeing something finally sprout after weeks of tender maintenance and patience.

Two Little Known Secrets of Hydroponic Gardening

The popularity of hydroponic gardening is growing by the day and this form of gardening is very easily done in small spaces, so even city dwelling individuals are able to have their very own gardens in their small areas of free space. There are two secrets about successful hydroponic gardening that most professionals will not share with the general public; after all if the general public knew all that the experts did, there would be no need for experts. I am not into all that profession hyperbole, though I do have degrees in this field and have professional experience as well. I strongly believe that hydroponic gardening is a very good and healthy solution for a very tight grocery budget because it works in my house. Our family enjoys fruits and vegetables all year around with our little set up and we love it that the herbs we use in cooking are fresh cut as we need them. Read on to find out two industry secrets that will have your hydroponic gardens flourishing.

Indoor Orchid – A Stunning Beauty to Behold!

I have known of orchid enthusiasts who explored the growing of an indoor orchid mainly because of two reasons: they love to gaze upon the beauty of this nature’s wonderful gift and second, they wanted to have a natural source of air freshener. I guess the first point is self-explanatory. Orchid enthusiast or not, at one point, you have to admit that you have been enchanted by its mystical beauty.

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