Are There Any Red Wigglers Left In The Sifted Worm Castings That Needed Saving? | Update #1

Are There Any Red Wigglers Left In The Sifted Worm Castings That Needed Saving? | Update #1

Why Garden Organically?

Many people are considering a more natural approach to gardening. If you use synthetic or artificial substances on your garden, then you cannot be 100% certain that doing so is completely safe.

Make Your Garden Look Stylish With Rattan Garden Furniture

Elegant and classy, rattan garden furniture is available in some of the finest designs on the market today. However, you can also mix and match different shapes and sizes of outdoor furniture to decorate your garden in your own style. With so many choices available, you can make an elegant and beautiful addition to your conservatory.

Preparing Soil for Your Vegetable Garden

For gardeners the smell of spring brings the excitement of getting outside, tilling the earth and getting the garden ready for planting. But hold on to that thought a minute. You want to be certain the weather is really peaked for getting your garden ready. First you want to be sure all chance of frost is past. Next you want to wait for the soil to warm up and dry out sufficiently for good root growth.

Top Tips for Killing Weeds

Weeds can be a major problem for any garden, no matter how big or how small. No matter how hard you try, they always seem to spring back up when you’re not looking. There are many different ways of killing weeds, this article will describe some of them to help you hopefully eradicate them for good.

Planting Vegetables Seeds – Getting Them in the Ground

Your first step to planting vegetable seeds, that will give you the biggest harvest, is to take a long look at the space you plan to use. Planting a 10′ X 10′ or 20′ X 20′ vegetable garden might not be realistic.

Moisture and Irrigation for Vegetable Gardens

The planning is complete. You have prepared your garden by tilling and fertilizing the soil. The seedlings and seeds have been gathered. Now it’s time to plant and take care of a lively garden.

Garden Designs – Tips In Creating English Cottage Garden

Gardening is fun and easy. But you just don’t plant any flowers or put any elements on your garden. Successful gardening relies on careful planning with regards to your garden designs and to the right choice of plants and garden elements. The following are helpful tips for successful gardening.

Killing Weeds – The Top 10 Weeds To Target

Whatever the size of your garden, whether you have an acre, a metre or a window box, I have no doubt that you will have had to think about killing weeds. But what type of weed do you have and what is the best way of killing weeds? This article will help you identify what species is growing in your garden and explain the best way of killing weeds.

When Is Killing Weeds Most Effective?

The dictionary describes a weed as either; “a valueless plant growing wild, especially one that grows on cultivated ground to the exclusion or injury of the desired crop.” or “any undesirable or troublesome plant, especially one that grows profusely where it is not wanted.” Sound familiar? This article will help you identify what type you may have encountered in your garden and, more importantly, the best way of killing weeds.

Gardening Designs – The Cottage Concept

As time passes by, different garden styles are added to already vast number of garden styles. And each garden style has its own unique and eye-catching flair. For instance, among cottage garden style, English country-cottage is well-liked with its old-fashioned flowers like roses and hydrangeas. English cottages are characterized by bumble bees and butterflies, and it signifies the mood of romance and lazy summer days.

How to Hire a Tree Pruning Service

Something that property owners should be aware of is that all tree services are the same. Even though there are many reputable and professional tree services out there. There are also quite a few fly by night outfits around.

Some Tree Removal Basics

There are a few basic things that every property owner needs to know about tree removal. Getting rid of a dead, dying or unwanted tree can be an expensive and complicated process for people who don’t know what they are doing.

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