Blue Worms in the Coffee Bin: Update & Feeding

Tomatoes In The Border

Tomatoes in the border is the best method of growing tomatoes for the beginner or anyone else who finds routine watering a chore. The plants will have a lot more space for their roots to roam, so they will be less dependent on you for food and water. You will need to improve the soil with well rotted organic matter before planting and to incorporate a general fertilizer at the rate recommended by the manufacturer. You will still need to water the plants thoroughly every couple of days during the height of summer. The main drawback of border planting is that soil borne problems build up after a few years, so once every few years it is a good idea to dig out the soil and replace it with fresh from the garden.

Growing Tomatoes – What You Should Know

There is nothing quite like the flavor of a freshly picked, home grown tomato. To get the best crops, choose a good variety and do not neglect it at any stage. Let me explain the growing methods for tomato. Tomatoes are easy to raise from seed but need to be sown early in the year and require a high temperature to germinate. This means you will need a propagator set to 18 degree Celsius to get them started and somewhere heated to 21 degree Celsius to grow them on. On the other hand, you could buy plants that are ready for planting out much later in the year saving you time, trouble and money.

Backyard Habitats for the Birds – More on Nest Boxes

I’ve been thinking about bird houses, excuse me, nest boxes. I even saw some for sale on the Net. Let’s look at what Scott Edwards says about building a nest box in “Creating a Bird-Friendly Backyard Habitat.” I also have some helpful hints from Don and Lillian Stokes. No paint needed The nest box should be undecorated. Certain paints and stains might be toxic to the birds. The wood should be untreated as well. Scott has a list of nest box dimensions for different kinds of birds that includes the mounting height, the house height, the entrance hole size, the distance from the hole to the floor and the floor size. Oh gosh, now I’m intimidated.

Gardening A Life Long Learning Experience

Gardening is truly a life long learning experience. Everyday I seem to learn something new,which makes gardening all the more fun and interesting.

How To Grow Strawberries at Home!

Strawberries are a favorite fruit of young and old alike. I remember going to the strawberry farms as a child with my family and picking many strawberries. Many never made it to my container as I couldn’t resist eating them on the spot.

How To Grow Broccoli at Home Easily!

Broccoli is a vegetable that is easy to grow and grows best in cool seasons. When considering growing broccoli, be aware that it can grow to about 3 feet, so it is not wise to grow plants close by. It is advisable to plant broccoli seeds 6-8 weeks after the last frost of the season.

Growing Cucumbers At Home Easily!

When growing cucumbers keep in mind that they will need a lot of sun to grow. You can grow them directly in your garden or you can grow them on raised beds to allow for proper drainage. Here’s how…

Growing Garlic Easily!

Garlic is very easy to grow and is a great addition to recipes.  Garlic has been known for centuries to have medicinal value which is why many people like to eat it raw or add it to many delicious dishes. Garlic is made up of cloves which you must separate before planting.

Growing Carrots – A Quick and Easy Way to Growing Carrots!

Growing carrots is an easy task and an enjoyable addition to any garden. The first thing you’ll want to do is work your soil well. You don’t want little rocks in your soil as this will inhibit the carrot roots from growing down into the soil.

Can You Really Make Your Own Compost Bin?

These days, there is a resurgence of interest in things homemade. I’m sure the economic downturn has had something to do with it, because it is more cost effective to make things at home. Compost is no exception, but can you really make your own compost bin? Find out now.

Wildlife Damage To Urban Gardens – A Real Problem

You would think that living in a very large city that the problems with wildlife would not be very many. You have cars, trains, buses, and trucks.

Snow Cover Good For Your Garden, Bad For The Birds

Snow cover is good for your garden. It insulates the plants so that freeze and thaw will not disrupt the root system. Also the snow cover will help protect from drying winds. This is good for the garden but defiantly it is not a good thing for the birds.

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