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The Simplicity of Raised Bed Gardening

There’s an easy way to dive into starting your own vegetable garden. Get started with raised bed gardening in no time at all!

Organic Gardening For Stress Reduction

Gardening is a great way to spend quiet, contemplative time outside. What better way to reduce stress than through starting your own organic garden?

Using Worm Composting Bins to Help the Environment and Make Money

One of the hazards of the modern age is that we’ve become disconnected to the natural processes that surround us. We turn on the lights and stay up late when our ancestors use to rise and fall with the sun. We jump in a car instead of walk or take a bike. And we toss our leftover food scrap in the trash without thinking of the consequences.

Worm Composting – Fun For the Whole Family

There is no doubt that kids love to play with worms. Adults can re-capture their childhood with something that is also extremely practical – worm composting!

Composting – The Solution to Our Landfill Crisis

Cities all over the world are experiencing a common problem — overflowing landfills. Learn how composting is a major solution to this epidemic.

How to Propagate Jack in the Pulpit

Jack in the Pulpit Propagation Jack in the Pulpits (Arisaema) can either be propagated from seed, offsets, or by cuttings, although seed is most prevalent. As mentioned earlier, you will need either a monocious species (male and female on the same plant) or a diocious species that is producing both male and female flowers to be sure to get seed. Most seed ripen from early fall to late winter, depending on the species.

Morphology and Reproduction of Arisaema (Jack in the Pulpit – Cobra Lily)

Cobra Lily Parts Cobra Lily plants are composed of an underground tuber, rhizome, or pseudo-rhizome, (name for structures on plants like Arisaema speciosum which are intermediate between tubers and rhizomes) that gives rise to either a pseudostem (carries leaves and inflorescences), or a petiole which only carries the leaf. For species without a pseudostem, the inflorescence emerges on a short stalk called a peduncle alongside the leaf petiole. For species which have a pseudostem, the inflorescence emerges either on top of, or at some point along it on a short stem, also called a peduncle.

Aquaponics – Fish Selection

Choosing fish for your home aquaponic system can be an exciting time. The fist thing you need to decide on is whether the fish are going to be for show or a food source. There is a large variety of fish that can you can choose from for your indoor or outdoor aquaponic system at home. Other considerations that need some thought are the relationship between the fish and plant life you are growing.

Winning the Battle Against Japanese Beetles

For many new and veteran gardeners, Japanese beetles are a plague they often feel powerless to control. After trying several “modern” approaches, here’s a non-toxic technique that works.

An Introduction to Arisaema (Jack in the Pulpit – Cobra Lily)

I remember being fascinated by the bizarre Arisaema plants as I roamed the woods as a child in piedmont North Carolina. A spring trek though the woods would find the new leaves just pushing through the leaf debris, while the same trip a few days later would find the same plants with unfurling flowers. The diversity in the inflorescences within each species was so great, I spent most of each trek closely examining each specimen.

Simple Guidelines When Building a Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

A raised bed vegetable garden is always a good alternative, especially when you’re growing crops at home. Gardening in this way will not require you to dig nor plow. It’s also relatively beneficial for those who hate to bend their backs, just to break up the earth for planting. So go all natural and reap the benefits to this garden arrangement by also getting into some organic vegetable gardening.

Harvest Your Own Produce Straight From Your Vegetable Garden

Eating vegetables everyday is a great way to keeping yourself healthy. But eating  fresh organics is way healthier and better? When you’ve got fresh vegetables, you can be assured that it’s newly picked, more crispier, and has more nutrients intact.

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