Compost Hamster Bedding With Red Worms – Growing Corn 03/30/2022

Compost Hamster Bedding With Red Worms - Growing Corn 03/30/2022

Benefits of an Indoor Herb Garden

Even if you live in an apartment or condo, or just don’t have available space or a big backyard, you can still get your fresh herbs by growing an indoor herb garden. There’s nothing better for a home cook than to have fresh herbs at their fingertips. Plus indoor herb gardens can be grown year around since they won’t be affected by inclement weather or rapid temperature changes.

When To Plant Roses For Their Best Growth

There is some debate among rose growers as to the when to plant roses. Some experts recommend late winter others early spring. Both of these times are good but in fact when you decide to plant will depend on different factors.

How To Grow Terrestrial Orchids In Your Garden

Discover how to grow orchids in your garden. In this article you will learn firstly, which orchids will thrive in your garden even in cold weather and secondly, a step by step guide for you to improve the growing conditions in your garden for your orchid.

How to Prune Your Roses

When you approach the pruning part of caring for your roses, you should first determine which branches and parts of the plant are unnecessary or superfluous. When you use “light pruning of roses”, you ultimately prune away approximately 30% of the wood, with “medium pruning, you will prune off about 50% of unneeded wood and “hard pruning” means you determine which 75% of upper branches are unnecessary and cut them down by choosing about 4 basal stems and cutting them down to 50cm and get rid of all the inside growth.

The Many Benefits of Making Your Own Compost

Making compost from kitchen scraps and food leftovers is an overlooked idea that needs to become commonplace in every household. We take and take from our planet but do little to return the favor. Using our leftovers we can change and improve living conditions for this generation and future generations. In this article you will learn how to easily implement this practice into your household or place of work.

The Elegant and Pure White Garden Rose

If you want to show your love to your spouse, your parents or your special someone, you can easily do so by just giving them flowers. And among the flowers that can give the very exact expression of love is a rose. Roses are known to be flowers of beauty and love. It is seldom that you will find someone who will hate you for giving them roses. Roses are the most famous flowers too for they become the title of movies, songs and compositions.

Compost Basics – Key Components

You can start composting today. This article will give you an idea about the compost basics and key components of a compost pile. Help your garden become healthy at no costs.

Growing Orchids Indoors Is Easier Than You Think

There are a few reasons you may want to be growing your orchids indoors. One of the main reasons is the fact that some of these varieties are found in the tropics which makes them hard to grow outside. Inside you can control the temperature and water requirements for these beautiful plants so that there is less danger of them getting damaged.

When To Plant Flowers In Canada

When to plant flowers in Canada must be expanded to include the exact location, since the vastness of Canada means that there are many different climates, and knowing whether the garden to be planted is high on a mountain or deep in a southern valley is necessary information. One city that is full of flowers and plants that are cherished by the residents is London, the capital of the province of Ontario. Designed as a capital city on the forks of the Thames River, London was founded in the almost uninhabited area in 1826.

Phal Orchids – Essential Guidelines for Easily Growing Phalaenopsis Orchids

Phalaenopsis are a great orchid for both the beginner and expert orchid grower. Learn how to properly care for these beautiful plants by meeting their light, humidity, water, fertilizer, and temperature requirements. If you follow these few simple guidelines, you’ll be blooming beautiful Phal orchids in no time.

Guideline To Watering Your Orchids

Orchids originate mainly from tropical areas. They need plenty of water and humidity to thrive. Growing orchids in a non-tropical environment can be challenging unless the native environment can be somewhat matched. When watering orchids they need just the right amount of water; too much or too little can be harmful. Knowing the background of your orchids will give you a guideline on how much is enough.

Waiting for Spring and the Right Time to Plant Vegetables

As a fellow gardener, it is easy to understand how impatient the long winter days can make a person. The waiting for warmer weather can be made tolerable with drawing your garden plan. A garden plan can keep you from a lot of problems when it is time to plant. Here is a simple guide to getting ready to plant and steps to take to get those veggies growing.

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