Compost Worms Steal FOOD From the Landfill

Compost Worms Steal FOOD From the Landfill

5 Common Mistakes Beginners Make When Caring For Orchids

Caring for orchids is not as difficult as some people would have you believe. It just takes a willingness to learn and the right information.

Orchids Books

For a beginner, orchids books will be essentially a necessity in starting out orchid care. It will give step-by-step recommendations and also simple to implement guidelines on how to maintain an orchid, from deciding on orchid potting mix to what amount of water your orchid flower require.

Understanding the Secrets of the Dendrobium Orchid

Of all the varieties, the Dendrobium orchid is particularly popular, itself containing 1200-1600 variations. It is unique in that it thrives just about anywhere, but if it is to be placed inside the house, special attention must be given. Growing this kind of orchid not only beautifies the environment but can provide medicinal benefits and a healthy environment too…

Garden Sculptures – The Garden Artifacts

Garden sculptures have been a part of the artifacts since long. The history attached to it explains that in the ancient world sculptures of gods and kings were placed in temple compounds, lake sides and groves. The concepts of garden sculptures have been a part of our society since then.

A Brief Introduction to Amazing Orchids Growing

Orchids are probably the most preferred house plants which have become favorite in a short period of time. Orchids are considered as the second largest flowering plant family which includes about 24,000 species all around the world. They can be found in bare nature as well as hybrids cultivated in gardens and plant houses.

Keep Your PH Meters Accurate With PH Calibration Solution

So your hydroponic setup is ready to go. It’s time to start balancing your pH. You pull out your handy pH meter and get it ready to use, but wait!

The Two Means Of Orchid Propagation

Orchid propagation is one of the most important aspects of orchid care. Wouldn’t it be nice to see a lot of beautiful orchids that came from only a singe main plant? Generally, there are two ways of orchid propagation. The separation of the roots during repotting is the first means.

Three Tips For Starting Your Home Herb Garden

Thinking about starting a home herb garden? Consider these few tips before you get started.

Creating Your Own Garden Tools Rack

A garden tools rack can keep your garden or garage neat and tidy. Best of all, instead of purchasing a new one, you can make your own one out of suitable unused material that may be lying about.

A Kitchen Herb Garden – Convenient and Enjoyable

If you want to enjoy having herbs for a year round fresh flavor and aroma, then consider putting up your own kitchen herb garden. Having a herb garden in your own home will surely bring you endless enjoyment both by its aesthetic appeal and the amazing tastes it can give to your cooking.

Everything You Need to Know About Orchids Light Requirements

Orchids can thrive under natural or artificial light. Get the facts about orchid light requirements and ensure vibrant and gorgeous plants for years.

How to Treat Your Orchid’s Yellow Leaves

There are a number of reasons why your orchid has yellow leaves. It is wise to find out the reason before you take action. Go through some of these points to find out what might be the cause of leaf discoloration.

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