Day 5 Worm Bin Cabbage Experiment Update + Mango Seed at 81 days | Vermicompost Worm Farm

Day 5 Worm Bin Cabbage Experiment Update + Mango Seed at 81 days | Vermicompost Worm Farm

Reaping the Rewards of Organic Vegetable Gardening

In a world where so many people spend their leisure time indoors, gardening gives you an excuse to get outside and get some vigorous exercise. If you’ve been thinking about setting up an organic vegetable garden, or if you’ve already started one, the tips in this article will be helpful.

5 Tips for Maximizing the Germination of Your Vegetable Seeds

So you have decided to save even more money with your vegetable garden by starting your plants from seeds. There is no question that the amount of money you save when you start from seeds is tremendous. Seed packets range in price from a buck to three bucks and the amount of seeds you receive for such a low cost are just mere pennies (or less) per seed.

How to Prevent Weeds and Get Your Grass Ready for Mowing – The Natural Way

A lot of people look at their yard and think: My lawn is dry and covered in weeds, how can I get it back to normal? Constantly mowing and not returning nutrients to the soil can have a drastic effect on your soil and in turn you lawn will look dry and lifeless. To really regenerate your lawn, kill those weeds and start mowing again follow these 3 simple steps.

Growing the Garden of Survival

Growing a garden that will produce vegetables and fruit year after year is the best tool for continual survival in any day and age, in good and hard times. Using Non-Hybrid seeds provides a sustainable garden year round, harvesting your produce and then again using the same seeds year after year.

How to Use a Portable Greenhouse

A portable greenhouse is very useful for growing plants that are out of season. In short, it has every little advantage of the ordinary greenhouse. The great thing is that it’s easier to build and cheaper, too.

Container Gardening For Every Season

As the fall weather begins to get colder, the potted annuals get pretty sad looking and it’s time to yank them out. But we leave them as long as possible, to enjoy the last few blooms, overlooking the leggy stems and the browning leaves. Then we have to decide what to do with the potting mix and the pots, after we’ve pulled out the annuals.

Bridal Orchid Bouquet Options

There are literally thousands of different types of orchids to choose from. Many varieties are readily available and others are considered a “special order.” Color and cost play huge factors in which flowers are chosen for the bride’s bouquet. Certain orchids have become very popular flowers as they have blooms that are more substantial than other flowers; they, therefore, can hold their shape and elegance longer (especially during the warmer months). The bridal bouquet must be perfect, and orchids are definitely a flower that can perform for the bride. The flower can be long-stemmed or short-stemmed and can be used alone or mixed with other flowers that will complement the orchids. The combinations are endless, and your floral designer should be able to provide a number of options, if you don’t currently have any in mind.

Orchid Repotting Process

Whether you are new to enjoying orchids in your home or if you have been growing orchids for years, you need to repot your orchid at one time or another. The orchid repotting process may seem challenging because of how fragile the blooms look, but it isn’t. If you can repot other houseplants, you can repot an orchid. The orchid repotting process isn’t time consuming and can be done for a number of reasons. The most common reason is because the orchid has outgrown its current home. Another reason is because the current pot may not fit the decor of its new environment. Another reason, which you may not think of, is when the material that it is planted in has begun to decompose, has a fungus, or a disease.

Providing Perfect Orchid Care for Your New Plants

Having some knowledge on basic orchid care that you can get right here is something that is important for all enthusiasts ending up with this hobby. That is the essence of getting flowers and blooms that you can be happy with in your home. Growing these plants has a reputation of becoming very difficult when in fact they are some of the easier ones to accomplish.

The Best Gardening Tools to Have

There is simply no substitute for the best gardening tools to have when you are working in your yard or garden. Knowing which ones work the best is good information to have, and hopefully this article has helped to clear up some of the confusion.

Setting Up a Self-Sustaining Aquaponics Backyard System

Setting up a self-sustaining aquaponics backyard system that will provide fresh fish and tasty vegetables each and every month does not have to be difficult or costly. An aquaponics system feeds the vegetables with nutrients that are produced by the fish, and the plants keep the fish environment clean at the same time. To set this up, you have to know the basics, and then you can be as creative as you want to be when you set up the fish holding tank and vegetable grow beds.

Orchid Care for Beginners

Choosing the right type of orchid for the conditions in which it will be living is a fundamental part of any programme on how to care for orchids. There are therefore a number of decisions that will have to be made prior to purchase. These include situation, temperature, light, space and what to look for when purchasing.

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