Cattleya Orchids

Cattleyas are one of the most popular and beautiful orchid flowers. Therefore they have been called the “Queen of Orchids”. Cattleya orchids can be used on bouquets or in floral arrangement to decorate celebrations. On the other hand, Cattleyas can also be grown in our house by orchid hobbyists – both indoors and outdoors – to brighten up our home.

Where to Find Wrought Iron Garden Furniture

Wrought iron outdoor furniture will do wonders for your porch or patio. Enjoy the evening after a hard day at work by sinking into an outdoor couch by the side of a wrought iron table and some plant stands.

Indoor Planters Bring the Garden Inside

Indoor planters provide a way to show creativity and a bit of nature around the interior of your home. They are also recommended for outdoor gardening enthusiasts who are trying their hands at planting for the first time. Whichever you are can add extra colour to your home.

A Strawberry Planter Will Brighten Up Any Garden

Strawberries not only taste fantastic but look lovely growing in your garden too. Using a planter allows you to move your growing to get extra sunlight, bring indoors or even raise the planter to any height that suits to keep them from weeds and hungry pests.

Guide to Rose Planting the Right Way

Rose planting is more than just digging a hole, and setting a plant inside the ground. Some people are so anxious to start growing roses that they forget the most important facts. Many gardeners do not know how to plant roses properly.

Basic Rose Bush Care Tips and Suggestions

Rose bush care is not as challenging some most people believe it to be. Actually, caring for a rose bush is probably easier than almost all other garden tasks. Roses grow throughout the year when they are in the right environment. They are still by far the most beautiful flowers ever to have come to us from the endless garden of Mother Nature.

Transplanting Done Correctly

Change the whole appearance of your rose garden by moving your roses to different parts of the garden! This article details the nitty-gritty of transplanting roses including pre-transplant care, how to conserve the soil around the roots, watering before and after transplantation, the time of year to transplant and post-transplant treatment.

Creating a Rose Tree Garden

A rose tree garden historically was the prerogative of the wealthy aristocracy. Now that the knowledge of grafting has become commonplace amongst rose enthusiasts, almost anyone can have one. This article covers the basics of creating a rose tree garden, including the fundamental of grafting.

Choosing Which Roses to Grow to Enhance Your Garden

Achieve complete color balance and shape to make your rose garden a joy to behold. This article details the many varieties of roses and provides a basic guide to the enhancements of different types, shapes and sizes. From shrub roses to micro-miniature roses, there is no lack of possibilities for roses to bring an extra layer of class to any setting.

Have Your Own Rose-Covered Cottage

A rose covered cottage is a vision that we have all had at one time or another since an early age. How that is achieved is surprisingly easy. This article explains the basics of developing climbing roses from common rose varieties.

Growing Roses From Cuttings Means Free Roses!

You can have the huge rose garden of your dreams without ever buying a single rose. Growing roses from cuttings is easy and free! Other rose gardeners are usually happy to give away cuttings or trade cuttings with you. This article shows you how to do it.

Growing Tomatoes In Containers Made Easy

Growing tomatoes in containers is fun and rewarding. It is a flexible alternative for apartment dwellers who loves indoor vegetable gardening. Discover more secret tips on how to grow tomatoes successfully in indoor container gardening.

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