ENC Adult Worm Bin MUSHROOM Update & Feeding After 6 Weeks | Vermicomposting European Nightcrawlers

ENC Adult Worm Bin MUSHROOM Update & Feeding After 6 Weeks | Vermicomposting European Nightcrawlers

How To Become An Expert At Grape Growing Information

You may think that grape growing information is for the master gardener or someone with 50 acres of sunlit hillside in the south of France. You’d be wrong about that. The overall message about growing grapes is that anyone can do it just about anywhere, with just a modicum of resources and the willingness to learn what it’s all about.

The Orchids Flowering Secrets You Must Know To Ensure Beautiful Blooms That Everyone Will Adore

It is not so difficult to see why so many orchid lovers and enthusiasts get obsessed when they see orchids flowering. These plants give out such magical blooms that it is impossible to not be mesmerized by them.

Lighting Tips for Your Serissa Bonsai

A consistent, planned, and species specific lighting plan for your serissa bonsai will help to ensure that it enjoys a long and healthy life. Determining where in your home to place the bonsai if it will be raised indoors, and the environment it should be a part of if raised outdoors are essential factors to know.

Beautiful Orchids – Information Brings Success In Raising Healthy Orchids

Many people have always believed that raising orchids at home is difficult. Although orchids require care that’s a bit different than your African Violet or Christmas Cactus, with the right information you can raise healthy, gorgeous orchids that will brighten you home for years to come.

Where Have All the Greenery Gone?

The cooling costs of an air conditioner can be as costly as 30% of your total electricity costs per month. And while it is observed that shade of trees offer more cooling sources for the surface temperature, it is noted more and more of these same trees are diminishing. We cannot afford to ignore this fact that trees are on the vanishing front causing changes in climates.

Black Flowers For Your Garden – 11 Almost Black Flowers

Creating a truly black flower has been a dream of horticulturists for a long time. There really aren’t any yet, but here’s a list of 10 different very dark flowers, that are relatively easy to grow in most gardens or on one’s balcony.

Growing Leeks

Although not a very popular veggie (a less-common member of the onion family) leeks are a great addition to any garden and there are a variety of recipes for leeks that will likely have you drooling all over your keyboard. The info below should help you get started with leeks and well on your way to showing your neighbors what interesting plants you’re growing. In the Garden If you want to sow directly in the garden, place them in a small trench, about 1/8-inch deep.

Hot Tips On Growing Tomato Plants

Tomato plants need to have strong stems so that they can perfectly hold the fruits. One way that this can be achieved is using a fan so that they can sway and move from the breeze.

So Who Is Going to Install That Green Roof?

So you have decided or maybe are just thinking about installing a green or living roof. Now who do you get to install it? Or even who do you talk to about the issues of installing a green or living roof?

Why Do LED Grow Lights Work So Well?

As everyone knows there are plenty of plant grow light bulbs you can find designed for growing in plants inside, such as HID or perhaps otherwise regarded as high intensity discharge; metal halide or MH, high pressure sodium and a lot of other types of led plant grow lights which are intended for indoor gardening. But did you know that LED grow lamps are available nowadays?

Ecosystem Gardens – Reduce the Use of Pesticides

You can avoid the use of pesticides in your garden by simply imitating what the nature has done forever – diversify the plants, place them in right spots, and only use plants that are adapted to the climate in your region. Using these ecosystem principles, you will have no need for pesticides, that are harmful to your garden, and most of all to yourself and your family.

Feng Shui Bamboo – Luck and Harmony to You

Feng Shui bamboo is not only known for being a plant that is lucky, but also brings peace and harmony to your home.  It symbolizes long life, a humble heart, a noble master, trust, permanence, growth and prosperity. The noise it makes when burned is believed to have the ability to stave away thunderstorms and they are considered to be messengers of the gods.

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