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5 Tips for Starting an Indoor Garden

Garden fresh produce doesn’t have to be limited to just one season. By growing your vegetables indoors, you can have fresh vegetables all year long. Here are some things to watch out for when starting your very own indoor garden.

How to Incorporate Sandstone Into Your Home and Garden

Sandstone is a type of sedimentary rock which is composed of small grains of rock, sand and other minerals. Sandstone can be cut, sculpted and polished to create a number of products which are sure to add a touch of class and style to any living space.

Winterizing Your Lawn

In the fall, leaves are a major topic. A scenic drive through the mountains can provide a spectacular show of nature’s colors. Beautiful in their transformation; golden leaves dripping from the trees, reds on fire in contrast to the sky, muted browns reminding us of the changing, highly anticipated shift to cooler weather.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Stone Tiles

The variety available in home decor would send anyone in a tizzy. The market of home decor is competitive and consistent when it comes to fashion, so you will find that manufacturers and artisans keep using the same ideas, technologies and even materials for years together.

Urban Farming For Self Sustainability

Planning for a successful urban self sustained farm or garden. Whether you’re planning a community based garden, a patio herb garden, or small backyard farm, plan ahead for a self sustained, low footprint project you can be proud of.

Hydroponics DIY

Hydroponics DIY systems for the hydroponics enthusiast. The types of hydroponics systems are; Water culture, Wick, Ebb and flow, Dripper, Aeroponic and Nutrient film technique.

Weeping Rose Tree Do-It-Yourself Pruning Tips

A weeping tree rose, or more commonly called as standards is a collection of selected and various rose varieties grafted into a tall rose stalk. It is in turn grafted to a robust rootstock for stability. There are several measurements and heights for tree rose trees and the most common range would be four feet or perhaps taller.

Watching Birds in Your Backyard

Bird-watching is quite a popular hobby. You can start in your own backyard by installing bird feeders and birdhouses.

Dual Arc Bulbs

Growing plants inside requires more than just your ordinary source of light. You need the type of light bulb that produces consistent light, heat and durability. One of the best, most efficient type of light sources that can perform the job is the dual arc bulbs. Dual arc builds contain the full photosynthesis spectrum that allows plants to absorb all the light needed to help nourish them while they grow. Having the full spectrum of light available is vital for plants to grow properly. Along with adding water and vital nutrients, thanks to the presence of high output MH and HPS burner cores in one lamp body, dual arc bulbs are a vital part of the indoor garden.

How to Make a Homemade Bird Feeder for the Holidays

You can make your own homemade bird feeder for the holidays. Create one as an accompaniment to your manufactured bird feeders.

How to Buy Your First Orchid: The Steps to Consider

Learn tips for choosing your first orchid plant. Make the buying experience a success so you can enjoy your orchids beauty for many years.

Simple Greenhouse Designs Your Can Build In Your Backyard

If you are a person who likes gardening you may have considered building a greenhouse in your backyard. There are a number of simple greenhouse designs you could use to do this. Some of these greenhouse designs include the lean-to greenhouse and hoop greenhouse.

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