Herbs With vs. Without The Use of Vermicompost: 25 Days Since Planting

Things to Know Before Buying a Garden Greenhouse Kit

When one goes to buy a garden greenhouse kit they will find many kinds available and this makes the choice more difficult for them. Though the choice is very difficult for people but if they keep some basic things in mind they can choose a garden greenhouse kit easily. The first thing that one needs to keep in mind is what they intend to grow in the garden and this will help one decide what all accessories will they need for the same.

Naturescape – Designing An Eco-Friendly Yard

Naturescape design is simple, but there are things you need to know about your yard. Soil, drainage patterns, along with sun and shade areas are all crucial facts that you will need to know before you can plan a successful landscape plan. Knowing these simple elements that exist will give you the ability to know upfront what types of plants will do best in each particular area.

Propagating Crotons by Cuttings

Croton (Codiaeum variegatum), belongs to spurge family (Euphorbiaceae) is also called Variegated Laurel. It has so many species of either in shrub forms or small trees grown for its brilliantly colored, glossy, and leathery foliage. A native of Malaysia and the Pacific, this plant reach to a height of 20 feet if left to grow up to its full potential and undisturbed.

How To Pollinate Anthuriums

Tips for pollinating anthuriums. How to get them to produce seeds.

What Is Moon Phase Planting?

Surprisingly ‘Moon Phase Planting’ is not the title of a 1970′s concept album by a band called, ‘Harry Gilbert’s Funky Bongo Brothers.’ It is in fact a method by which seeds are sown to gain bigger yields by virtue of aligning them with the vibes of the solar system or at least our Moon. Many of you reading this will be rolling your eyes about now but please don’t.

Naturescape – A Way To Improve Water Quality

Native plants are a natural beauty and all have there own unique characteristics. Beautiful, interesting and low maintenance are what makes them an ideal choice for landscape projects. This method of landscaping is called “naturescape”, designing the landscape as it would naturally grow in the wild to benefit nature and the wildlife that call it home.

Lady Banks Rose

The Lady Banks rose is dependable and simple to look after, however it is only going to full bloom one time every year in the early spring. The rose is really a strong, quick growing shrub that has to have plenty of space.

Bird Tables

Bird tables draw birdsong into your garden and provide a platform for feasting birds to return to, again and again. So if you enjoy experiencing birdsong in the mornings, a bird table is likely to be as attractive to you as it is to the birds.

Bird Baths Attract Garden Birds

Having a bird bath is a very entertaining pastime and something you won’t want to be without once you have one. This article explains how to get the most out of them as well as how to maintain them.

Container Herb Garden Is the Secret to Early Spring Gardening

Early Springtime brings the thrill of watching the first signs of new life as all plants start to peek up through the snow or cold wet dirt. If you just can’t wait until full spring arrives to get your hands dirty and start planting, then a Springtime Container Herb Garden is to the way to go!

Understanding Diseases That Affect Grapevine Production

The article contains information on identifying and curing grapevines. This article tells you how to identify, prevent and cure possible diseases that can hinder the growth of grapes.

African Violets, Successfully Grow Them

Growing African violets can be an addicting hobby. There are so many beautiful ones to choose from. Give them the care they need and they will reward with almost constant bloom.

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