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Allium – The Beautiful Cut Flower

Allium is a cut flower that blooms into a globe shaped cluster of flowers at the end of a long stem. The size of allium flower ranges from one to twelve inches. It could be purple white or green in color but purple one is the most popular.

Seed Starting – The Basics

Gardeners who rely heavily on vegetable, herb and flower seedlings from their local garden center are missing an opportunity to save substantial sums of money, broaden their gardening knowledge, widen their array of choices, and control their gardening calender. It really isn’t necessary to spend hundreds of dollars on fancy equipment in order to achieve excellent results starting your own plants from seed.

Perennial Suggestions For Summer 2010

Like many people I love having a garden which looks lovely and attractive. The problem is like many people I don’t have the time to keep purchasing new plants every season. I’ve written the following article to inform you of the best perennials which will live for several years and look gorgeous in your garden. I hope the following article helps.

Orchids Have Yellow Leaves? Easy Care Tips

If your orchids leaves are turning yellow there are lots of reasons for this. To start with if only the bottom leaves are yellowing it is probably do to the age of the plant.

Rose Care – Having Success With Many Varieties of Roses

A rose is a perennial flower that can grow on shrubs or vines. There are over 100 types of roses that come in many colors with new hybrids being turned out almost every year. They are very popular because of their beauty and lovely fragrance and gardeners all over the world are constantly honing their skills in the area of rose bush care.

Proper Rose Care For Your Rose Bush

Rose bush care can be easy by simply choosing the appropriate rose for the weather in your area. Many gardeners are hesitant to raise roses believing that rose care is too sophisticated and difficult. In fact roses might be among the easiest flowers in your garden to grow if you learn the right approach.

Essential Tips For a Successful Container Garden

The smallest area of land, or even a patio or porch, can be perfectly adequate for you to grow your own vegetables. The use of containers to plant your crops is the ideal alternative for the person who has little or no garden in which to grow fruit or vegetables.

The Facts on Orchid Watering

There two main types of orchids the Terrestrial and the Epiphytic orchid, the major difference between them is that the Terrestrial has an underground root system, whilst the Epiphyte has an aerial root system that attaches itself to the branches and trunks of trees, poles or rocks. Epiphytes are commonly grown within the home environment and their root system has evolved into a highly specialised organ that is so radically different to any other normal plants roots. It is extremely difficult to generalise when it comes to orchids as they belong to the largest and most diverse group of plants ever documented.

Orchid Lights – Your Common Questions Answered

We all know that plants need water, air, nutrition and light to grow. Having sufficient orchid lights is one vital subject that plant lovers and horticulturists need to be aware of. Orchids have very specific needs and one of the most crucial elements to your orchid’s health is the light that it receives.

Tired? Create Your Own Landscape

Tired of planning both your summer vacation and the family budget allocation every year? We know if this becomes a routine matter, it not only becomes drab but you begin to think if all the trouble is worth taking for a yearly vacation. Sometimes it may lead to disappointment as things might not go according to your painstaking plan.

Invasive Pest Month

If you have ever traveled out of the country, you have been given a set of rules to follow when bringing back stuff from your holiday. This list includes no meat, fruits and vegetables, plants, cut flowers, and then other stuff.

Herb Garden of Italy

Italy is well known for its good and tasty food and they are famous too for their herbs. It’s very possible if you want to grow your own Italian herb garden. We can find the most famous and best herbs from Italy. A well known Italian herb is the basil and you can use it in different Italian dishes.

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