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Choosing Which Cherry Tomatoes to Grow in Your Garden

Tomatoes are amongst the most rewarding veggies to grow in your own home garden – although strictly speaking they are a true berry, and therefore a fruit. This is probably why so many different tomatoes have generically fruity names: for instance plum tomatoes, grape tomatoes, and of course, much-loved cherry tomatoes.

Plant a Grapevine: Some Important Things You Need to Know

When the time comes that the idea to plant a grapevine enters your mind, do not just proceed with the undertaking. You see, just like in most endeavors, acting without proper preparation can lead to disaster. If you begin planting without having any idea about what to do and what to expect, you will most probably end up failing.

Spruce Up Your Garden With The Best Outdoor Garden Accessories

Any backyard or garden serves as a perfect place for families and friends to come together and spend some enjoyable time. In connection to this, equipping it with outdoor garden accessories will make it more fit for any type of social event.

Perfect Eco Gift Ideas Empowering Women’s Love For Gardening

Are you looking for an ideal gift for the green-thumbed women in your life? May it be for Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or any season of the year, eco gift ideas will never fail to complement their love for nature. Besides pleasing the special women in your life, you help alleviate the worsening condition of our planet by purchasing these green gifts.

Interested in Climbing Roses? Try These Varieties!

Many home gardeners find the beauty and fragrance of the rose to be alluring. These types of plants have been labeled difficult to grow by many people as these gardeners are more familiar with delicate modern rose types. Old garden roses tend to be healthier varieties that are easy to grow and resistant to disease.

Harvest Time Begins: How To Enjoy Fresh Herbs and Fruit All Winter

Harvest time begins! So, here I am talking to you about harvesting my garden, and you may be wondering why I have a picture of our Farmer’s Market. Well, with all the flooding and cold summer we had, my herbs are pretty pathetic. The basil didn’t come up, the oregano, or is it thyme poked up only a few sprigs. The only thing my garden did grow was parsley. So off to the farmer’s market I went this Saturday morning. Sadly, our Farmer’s Market is pretty small too with only about a dozen stalls. I could only find one stall who promised to supply me dill, but he only brought one bag. He didn’t know how much I use and love dill – that will only last me a couple of months.

Light It And It Will Grow

There is more to indoor lights than just brightening a space up. Depending on where you reside or what kind of pets you might have, it has many useful functions. For one thing if you have reptiles for pets, most likely you will need some type of special lighting depending on the species. If you have a corn snake or python type of snake you may be just fine with a simple blue or red light for nighttime heating. You can even use a light bulb right from your own lamp for this function. If you have spent money on a more exotic reptile, like certain kinds of lizards, then you need to invest in something a little more high-tech. Many exotic herbs cannot get their vitamin D3 or calcium when in captivity without the right UVB lighting. The watts and sizes of bulbs can vary quite a lot.

Water Features Create A Backyard Oasis

Stressed out? Melt away that stress relaxing in your own backyard oasis. The sounds from a water feature create a most tranquil and calming atmosphere.

Pruning a Grape Vine

If you are a grape-lover who wants to grow the fruit on your own, you should do a lot of reading before you proceed. Growing grapes may seem intimidating, especially if you do not have any idea about how to do it but with the proper materials, you will find this a very interesting and rewarding activity and you may eventually develop a hobby from it.

Why You Should Try Container Gardening

Container gardening is so convenient and can be much easier to manage than a traditional garden. If you find your plants are getting too much sun you can easily move them to a shady spot. Likewise if your plants are not getting enough sun you move them to a sunny spot.

How to Buy a Garden Cart

The garden cart is one of the most popular gardening tools that could help you a lot in your work. There different models of cart that have different parameters and features to be used in different tasks. Here are 10 tips that you can use to estimate the most suitable type and model of garden cart for your work.

Types Of Fertilizers To Improve Your Garden Soil

Over the years a vast mythology has grown up around the magic of fertilizers. The head gardeners of the pre-war estates had their own secret potions.

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