Meet Tika Adhikari, a woman entrepreneur who makes incense sticks from medicinal and herbal plants

What Exactly Is a Bonsai?

Bonsai is an art form that originated in China. It became popular in the west through the influence of the Japanese culture. The term, bonsai, literally means ‘a plant in a tray.’ The commonly accepted meaning today is ‘a tree in a pot.’

Do I Really Need To Buy A Kitchen Countertop Compost Bin?

If you think having only a few kitchen food scraps each day eliminates the need to buy a countertop composter. Here is what might happen.

Plants for a Shady Garden

For most gardeners an important consideration when choosing a house is the aspect of the garden. Ideally we would all like a south facing garden with an open sunny aspect. But this is not always possible. It is true to say that everyone has a bit of shade in their garden, either from a fence, a building or trees. However, don’t despair. If you do have a shady garden or an area in your garden that stays sunless for most of the day, there are plenty of plants you can choose that will thrive in such conditions. Here are just a few.

Xeriscape: Attracting Butterflies to the Garden

We all like to have butterflies in the garden, but you may be thinking about re-landscaping your yard using the water conservation principles of Xeriscaping and worried that the new plants in your landscape will no longer attract the swallowtails, sulphurs and gossamers you love. In this article we will look at what plants attract which butterflies and how to incorporate them into your landscape design.

Grasslin Timer – Control Is All Important in Any Indoor Garden

For the optimal results, you need to have full control over all aspects of your indoor garden. Plants need certain conditions to grow healthy and hardy. In addition, unless you spend every moment of your day in the grow room, you need to use automation to keep those conditions ideal. One way to do it is to use a timer.

Gardenia Plants and Gardenia Flowers – Facts and Care

Gardenia plants give gardens that fresh white tropical look. The gardenia flowers’ fragrance feeds the senses with their intoxicating scent that transports gardeners to a scenic tropical island somewhere in the South Pacific.

Getting Started With Vegetables

Think you can’t grow your own vegetables? Think again with these (almost) indestructible vegetables. Learn how to grow your own chives, leeks, English spinach, snake beans and spring onions.

Artificial Grass: Install It Yourself

Installing Artificial Grass can cost a lot of money but if you do the installation yourself, you will save yourself as much as fifty percent of the cost. For lawns that look great and give you years of pleasure do your research and learn the correct way to lay down artificial grass and choose the right grass for the type of use.

Prevention And Cures For Pests in a Home Vegetable Garden

The earlier the presence of pests is noted, the easier they are to control. Most pests multiply very quickly and will spread from plant to plant (just to make your life difficult!). In the early stages it is sometimes possible to destroy visible pests by picking them off plants. Usually, simple methods of control are inadequate. Much as I hate to admit it, most pests can be killed by the application of a suitable pesticide.

Knowing When To Plant Herbs Is Vital

Again it is also sometimes easier to start growing certain herbs than others so one needs to make sure that they’re able to actually cultivate the ones that they want. There are multiple uses for these kinds of plants. Some people like to use them in order to extract their medicinal properties which can sometimes be very beneficial to one’s health. Others will decide to use them in tea and flavoring in food. Therefore it is essential knowing when to plant herbs.

Discover Types Of Herbs That Can Be Grown In The Home

From iced tea to high end cocktails there are no end of drinks that can be punched up with the addition of a little fresh mint. Not having to pay for the cost of purchasing it is really just a bonus once you consider the amount of flavor it can offer your culinary efforts. If you are looking for a good test plant this would be a really good choice to consider further.

How To Grow An Organic Garden

You may have finally decided that enough is enough, it is time to take the responsibility of providing yourself and your family with chemical free, great tasting, highly nutritious food. You now realize the only way to do that is to grow your own food organically. So, the question is how to grow an organic garden?

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