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Clear Water In Garden Ponds – Maintaining Sparkling Water In Your Pond

Clean pond water not only looks nice, but your fish appreciate it too. Water gardens take a lot of hard work. Using pond products and maintaining them constantly, ponds will have a long life. It is well worth the time and effort it takes to keep a pond looking its best.

Information About LED Growlights

Due to the improvements in technology of light emitting diodes or LED’s, they can easily be designed to re-produce particular spectrum’s of light. Why is this important you ask? It is important because plants don’t use the full spectrum of light offered by the sun.

How to Pick Out the Right Pergola Designs For Your Garden

If you are planning to build a pergola you want the design to be in strait harmony with your garden. So how do you choose the perfect pergola design to suit your garden? Consider the following regarding the several pergola designs.

Growing Organic Irises

Growing irises is one of the most popular flowers to grow in the U.S. and worldwide. Learn how to grow them organically in this in depth article.

Using Bird Feeders to Attract Birds to Your Garden

Wild birds are a wonderful addition to any garden. One of the best ways to attract them is to use a bird feeder and ensure there is a steady supply of nuts, seeds and suet for them to eat throughout the year. Bird feeders are cheap to buy and there are different designs to hold different types of wild bird food.

Important Steps For Planting Roses

Planting roses for your garden can be easy and enjoyable. This article will touch on some of the major points to planting roses. With just a little attention to a few important aspects you can have a beautiful rose garden for your home.

Great Blue Heron and Koi

Blue herons have become a real problem for eating koi and other fish in backyard watergarden ponds. Learn more about this predator and how to protect your koi.

Worm Composting, Yuck!

As a kid I thought worms were yucky. I thought they were only used as bait for fishing. As an adult I learned they are used to compost waste. They eat the waste and then produce excrement which is called worm castings. Worm castings are the best fertilizer available for my plants and is called “black gold.”

Saving Seeds

The bad weather conditions last growing season have had a direct effect on the availability of seeds this year. With the weather being so damp and rainy last year, late blight hit quickly and severely, spreading like wildfire.  In addition to late blight, wet weather nurtures other fungal diseases that can wipe-out your garden.

What Can You Grow in an Indoor Aquaponics System?

An indoor aquaponics system can be used to grow all sorts of plants from flowers to vegetables. The beauty of this simple system is that you can have your set up as big or as small as you like, you can also make it look pretty or give it the organic, rural look. I have seen some amazing looking indoor aquaponics systems that grow both flowers and vegetation and they are very impressive to behold.

Build A Backyard Pond – A Cheat Sheet

Backyard ponds and waterfalls used to be for the rich and famous but that’s not the case anymore. You can find complete kits at many retailers or get instructions that show you step by step how to build a pond in your backyard. Backyard pond kits are available in a variety of sizes and prices that make it easy for anyone to have one.

Simple And Exclusive Tips For Organic Gardening!

Organic gardening is indeed a best and exclusive way to grow organic plants in your garden. The major reason of the popularity of this type of gardening is its complete natural and unprocessed way of gardening. While growing an organic garden, there is no need of artificial soils, chemicals and pest killers because all you have to do has nothing to do with any artificial product.

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