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Growing Options: Hydroponics Vs Soil

When it comes to the question of which gardening method is better, hydroponics (growing in water without soil) or soil there are things to consider in both methods. Pest control is an issue regardless of the method of gardening used, however using hydroponics eliminates the soil borne pests, insects and weeds growing in your garden which rob your plants of the nutrients and sunlight they need.

Get Survival Seeds With Long Term Survival Plan

Survival seeds are always great to have in stock for emergencies. They are also ideal for your family garden and everyday consumption. The benefits and security that come from eating your own home-grown food truly is priceless. No pesticides or herbicides to worry about, survival seeds make it easy for you to eat a genuinely pure, healthy diet. These seeds are top quality and are securely sealed in packages that can last for up to several years, keeping your seeds fresh and ready to plant.

Ways To Grow A Garden

Gardening nowadays has taken a take off these recent years. Perhaps the older age group in the United States managed to take a peek into the benefits of the “oldest job” in the Bible, that it is: to work the land. And maybe, they have come to terms with the ageing process and understood that there might still be some worthwhile days remaining for them and they can actually convert those retirement days into something worthwhile such as getting a green thumb.

Horseradish Can Kick Like A Mule

Horseradish is a pungent perennial herb, possessing elongated fleshy roots, large coarse leaves and a garland of white-colored flowers with four petals. Leaves might have a fern-like appearance with several fingers on each side or be simply an elongated oval. They develop to about 50cm (18″) and can be used as an appealing and useful addition to any flowerbed.

A Novice’s Grower Guide to Repotting Plant Mixture

If you want to repot plants and learn potting mixtures there are a few things you need to know. What’s actually in potting mixtures, different varieties of ready mixed potting, and how to mix your own potting material.

Starting A Garden

In the last several years there has been a resurgence in home gardening not seen since the victory gardens of the second world war. Environmental concerns, an interest in organic foods and an economic downturn combined with rising produce prices have created the perfect storm for gardening.

Indoor Food Production – The Organic Way

A novel simple way to grow food indoors, that recycles common household items and produces nutritious vegetables and salads. Almost any small plant can be grown in a GrowFlute, organically. It also provides an attractive room decoration.

Cultivating Amazing Orchids – How to Care for Your Blooms

It is not too difficult to learn how to grow and care for orchids effectively. These charming plants can be attractive ornaments in any house or garden. Though it can be quite challenging taking care of them since they usually grow in wild forests, you need to know useful information about orchids how to care for them and a step-by-step guide to successfully grow these beautiful houseplants.

Orchids – Watering Lessons for the Novice Gardener

Watering orchids correctly will be greatly rewarded. Discover simple techniques to help your plant thrive.

Introduction to Growing Orchids

Growing orchids is not necessarily difficult, but the huge number of orchid varieties and their vastly different care requirements can make it seem so. Before starting with orchids, be sure to spend time researching and identify a variety that you like, and whose care requirements work with your lifestyle. This combined with choosing a good supplier, will make the experience a lot easier and more enjoyable!

Weeding Basic Techniques

Weeds are nothing more than plants growing where they are not wanted. There are several techniques you can adopt to reduce the number of weeds in the garden and, therefore, the time spent weeding. There are two types of weeds, annual weeds, such as groundsel and chickweed, which grow from seed, flower and set seed again in one season; and perennial weeds, such as dock, bindweed, couch grass and thistle, which survive for more than two growing seasons and often many years. It is important to remove all weeds before they flower and set seed, otherwise you will be weeding for many seasons to come, and after all, a single weed can scatter many thousands of viable seeds neat and far.

Orchids Arrangements for Celebrations

If there’s one flower that’s unique and elegant, and almost perfect in its delicacy… it’s the orchid. Having orchids arrangements will certainly beautify any place and any celebration.

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