Outdoor Worm Bin Update: COMPLETELY COMPOSTED?

Steps Involved in Growing Seedless Grapes

The process of growing seedless grapes developed when someone discovered a grapevine that had extremely tiny seeds. The varieties of grape were bred by finding other variety and pollinate them with the ones with seeded crops. As each crop grows, grape growers discovered mutations occurring where the seeds became extremely small and have softer seed coat and somehow disappeared altogether. Today, seedless grapes grow both in warm and cooler climates.

A New Years Garden Resolution List

Each year as Christmas starts to fade and the new year is rushing towards us people all over the world are busy scratching out promises to make changes in their lifestyles, habits, and what have you. Many people are quite successful at these while others give up a few days weeks or months into their resolutions.

Responsible Gardening Reaps Countless Blessings

Gardening has plenty of benefits especially when done just at your own backyard. It can provide you with free and fresh fruits and vegetables if in your garden you grow these types of plants. You can also enjoy the smell of scented flowers and be amazed with the splendor of blooming ornamental plants that gives your backyard a daily refreshing look.

What Should Tomato Plants Be Like When Buying Them

Homegrowers find that buying their tomato plants saves a lot of time and if they are very busy people this is very advantageous. However, there are some drawbacks as well as some benefits to buying tomato seedlings. Find our more about that so that you can make an informed decision.

Springtime Garden Chores – Love It, Leave It, Just Do It!

I know, I can see your eyes rolling and hear you groaning more work. Wait a minute, hang in there; it isn’t really work if you love gardening. These are simply steps we need to take in preparation for our Spring Garden, our Best Spring Garden.

Winter Gives Gardeners a Perfect Opportunity to Prepare for Spring

Constant rain is rare during January in Southern California, which means there are plenty of sunny days to work in the garden and prepare for a successful spring growing season. Local nurseries have an assortment of well-priced bare root fruit trees and roses in stock to plant. January is also a good time to prune existing dormant trees.

Garden Stakes – Every Good Garden Needs Them

Most people will tend to buy garden stakes to provide support to various plants that they are growing. However what many people do not realize is that they are suitable for many other purposes.

How to Use Mulch

We all know what mulch is. We see it as the by-product when we mow our lawn or when we process our yard wastes using a shredder, chipper or mulcher. It’s common knowledge that mulch is beneficial to the soil, but do you know how to use mulch properly?

The Importance of a Trellis in Growing Grapes

Trellis is just one of the several factors for a “fruitful” (literally) grape production. Trellis serve as guides as the vines go along through their growing periods towards adulthood. They are like baby walkers to train the babies when they start learning how to walk and trellis also serve like canes throughout adulthood.

Lawn Care Tip Number 1: Beware of the Grub!

2010 was a bad year for yard fungus. However, virtually every year, it is a bad year for grubs. In this article, we discuss how to deal with one of the most damaging problems for lawns and yards.

Making Compost: The Five Essentials For Success

Making compost isn’t as mysterious and magical as some might think. If you have the essential elements, the process will go on without much help from you. Here are some tips for making compost, and the five essentials you need for success.

Rooftop Gardens: For Limited Spaces

There are times when space becomes limited. And for some people (especially residents that are housed in backyard less houses), sometimes an empty roof can become an outlet for other leisurely interests (can also recreated into an outdoor space for accommodating guests) or hobby’s. Now as for gardeners, the top area of their apartment or any other high-rise they’re in, can then be converted into rooftop gardens. There are a lot of rooftops that are rarely developed into something more useful that’s why a lot of people are getting more creative and more resourceful when it comes to space constraints (thus the evolution of green roofs for healthy cities).

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