Preparing Worm Bin For Harvest And Removal Of Worms Using A Carved Pumpkin | Vermicomposting

Preparing Worm Bin For Harvest And Removal Of Worms Using A Carved Pumpkin | Vermicomposting

How to Grow Bananas and Why You Should

How do you grow bananas is often one of the most asked questions when people are deciding to grow fruits in their garden. Bananas are a great fruit to include in your daily diet, as they are full of vitamins and nutrients. Growing bananas can be fun for all of the family, and can help children to understand where their fruit comes from. Also banana plants are a beautiful plant to have in the garden, and can help to make the area look great. If you live in colder climates, the banana plant can be placed in a greenhouse or on a windowsill.

Watering Orchids the Right Way!

By understanding the origins of orchids and their types that grow in their natural habitats, will help you understand, how they should be properly watered and kept in humid conditions. Watering methods should mimic the needs of the plant as they are found in the wild. Also their types evolved from the watering conditions found in their natural environment are indicative of the watering methods needed to be followed for orchids in the home.

Garden Tips for New Gardeners

A garden is a unique place where people can fail or succeed. Everyone wants to have a great healthy garden however it is easier said than done. We are going to offer some advice and tips on how to keep your garden in top shape.

The Exotic English Forsythia

I know little of the eponymous William Forsyth who brought the shrub back from foreign lands. I would like to imagine though that he risked life and limb to bring us the yellow blooms that are found in every garden in the land at this time of year, only for us to turn our noses up like a gastronome sneering at a convenience-store pork pie.

Grow a Bowl of Salad

Why pay nearly $10 per pound for fresh gourmet lettuce (that might not be all that fresh) when you can grow your own custom lettuce blends right at home, ready to be picked and eaten whenever you’re in the mood for a truly fresh salad? Here are some tips for growing your own delicious salads.

An Italian Twist on An Herb Garden

You can open a door of possibilities buy growing your own herbs in an Italian herb garden. Italy, with its Mediterranean climate and excellent conditions for growing herbs, has long been a place where the tastiest and most well known herbs came from.

For Spray Equipment Tanks – Pre-Season Clean Out Worth the Effort

Would you rather have your pest control spray equipment down for servicing now or in the middle of summer? The high season for pest control is approaching. Now is the time, when business is still a little slow, to get your spray equipment in fighting shape for the long hours and hard use it will undoubtedly endure.

Hints for Starting Your Own Garden

Black thumbs do not exist. If you want to grow a successful garden, simply follow the instructions laid out in this article.

Effective Ways to Keep Insects Under Control Naturally While Working in the Blueberry Patch

The effective ways used to keep insects away naturally while working in the blueberry patch. How to Use Garlic as an effective natural insect repellent and how to keep yourself free of fleas. Using birds to control insects…

How to Make Drought Resistant Soil Using Organic Matter and Ground Cover

How to Make Drought Resistant Soil. To minimize the effects of drought it is important that soil capture the rain fall that falls on it and store as much as possible for later use by the crops to use. There are two primary means of reducing the impact of drought. 1) Adding organic matter to the soil. 2) Using ground cover. Grow your own blueberries and vegetables to reduce the effect of rising food prices on your budget.

Container Herbs In and Out

Containers are another place where herbs can easily grow and thrive. Hanging baskets and window boxes are also good places to grow them. Growing your herbs in pots is just as easy as doing the same thing in a garden.

Organic Food Gardening – What It Is All About

Living a healthy lifestyle is what a lot of people today want to achieve because of all the harmful sicknesses that plague today’s society. The urge to live healthy means that it is not only important that they are able to exercise but be able to eat healthier food as well. The challenge that most people face is to find ways to come up with nutritious fruits and vegetables without having to spend too much money. Being able to grow your own organic food garden with the help of guides such as Organic Food Gardening, will teach you all there is to know about healthy food, and it will save you a lot of money as well.

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