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Papaver Somniferum Poppy – Pink Dawn

Papaver somniferum poppies come in a huge array of varieties and can offer you an enormous number of options for you garden. Flowers differ in size, hue, and petal texture, allowing you to create a stunning collection of these wonderful poppies. Papaver somniferum, also known as Breadseed poppies, can also be used alongside other garden plants to great appeal because there is always a variety which will fit with your garden palette.

White Linen – A California Poppy Perfect for Spring

You may associate California poppies with the heat of summer, as blazing sunlight falls down on hot gardens. Bright colors of orange, red, pink and yellow fill the front of borders as California poppies create a dazzling collage of beautiful cheerful blooms. But, if you want to find a wonderful California poppy which is ideal for the spring months, then White Linen is ideal.

Enjoy Royalty With an Extraordinary Oriental Poppy

Oriental poppies are some of the most stunning plants available for your garden. A plant which looks quite subtle and unobtrusive for much of the year suddenly explodes into vibrant life in the late spring. Huge and beautiful blooms are pushed high into the air on stalks three to four foot long, and without a word of warning your garden is transformed as petals unfurl and fill your space with Oriental poppy color.

How to Prepare Your Garden for Spring

Spring is just around the corner and you’re itching to get outside. But your garden looks a mess — winter has taken its toll, dead leaves and branches are everywhere. It’s hard to imagine the color and vibrancy that you see in all the magazines. Here are some tips to cleaning up your garden and making it ready for spring.

Beautiful Jacaranda Trees

I think the Jacaranda is one of the most stunning flowering trees in the world While it is a native of Brazil and Argentina, it puts on stunning displays in both Australia and New Zealand. It prefers the warmer temperatures and when young is susceptible to frosts and needs protection. It can grow into a huge tree given the right conditions, if it is knocked about by frosts and cooler climes it does not grow as big.

The Basics Of Growing Climbing Roses

With just a little attention and patience you can grow climbing roses for your home or Garden. This article will touch on some of the major aspects to growing climbing roses. With just a little attention to a few important points you can have beautiful climbing roses for your home or garden.

How to Move Oriental Poppies

There comes a time in many gardeners’ lives where they realize that a plant is in the wrong place and therefore needs moving. It may be that a plant self seeded in a position and was left to mature, or that when it was originally planted you thought it wouldn’t grow as big as it has. Alternatively you may be overhauling an entire border and taking everything out prior to replanting. Whatever the reason for you wanting to move plants it is important for you to move plants when it best suits their needs.

Tips for Growing California Poppies in Trays

While you can easily sow California poppies straight into the ground where you want them to flourish, a great way of starting seedlings off well is to germinate them in seed pots or trays. Growing in such a way allows you to nurture seedlings into large, strong and healthy individuals. While you may take very care to look after seedlings outside they are subject to the elements and a sharp frosts, or a sudden attack of slugs could reduce your California poppies to not much more than a few green stems.

Japanese Windflowers

A member of the anemone family, this plant lightens your heart as it flowers when most other flowers are packing up for the winter. The early autumn or fall sees the tall stalks with the daisy like flowers waving gently in the pre winter breezes. From the fact that they flower in the autumn and winter period is indicative of them being suitable for a cooler climate.

4 Unusual Uses For Orchids That Are Crazier Than A Celebrity Meltdown

Orchids are more than just plain colorful garden plants. Yes, I know that right now you may think that nobody can actually be crazier than these Hollywood celebrities so often featured on the news, but wait until you learn about these crazy orchid uses we’ve compiled!

How To Choose The Best Plant Pots

It is really tough to know what you actually need as there is a large variety of plant pots available. There are several styles and colors to pick from in pots, but other than looks, you may even consider the plant they’ll hold, the material they are made of and whether they offer the best drain area.

How To Start A Lawn Maintenance Business

If you love working outdoors and you always enjoy taking care of your own garden then it might be a good idea for you to turn your passion into a business. If you are interested in lawn maintenance, consider these tips on how to turn this interest into a moneymaking opportunity.

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