Red Wigglers Get Final Feeding Before Castings Harvest In Tiny Worm Bin Vermicompost Worm Farm

Tips on How to Use a Reel Mower

For those born in the era of powerful machineries and equipment they might not be familiar with reel lawn mowers. Actually reel lawn mowers are the first lawn mower “machinery” after the sheer cutters. They were handy before and were very popular when it was first introduce in the market. Then came the power motored lawn mowers and the reel mowers were forgotten.

Gardening 101: Tips on How to Design a Flower Garden

Imagine you are a novice in gardening and you feel the passion to grow flowers in your yard and need to know how to design a flower garden or a vegetable plot. All you have to do is to consider these factors before you start digging in your yard and growing plants. The first thing you have to consider is the size of your yard.

Gardening 101: Classical and Contemporary Plant Pots

The art of gardening involves many elements, including basic architectural design. People who tend their gardens at home possess that eye for aesthetics that allow them to create simple yet sophisticated gardening styles.

Gardening Tips for Beginners: Knowing the Type of Soil in Your Plot

It has been said that only people with green thumbs can successfully have a beautiful garden. However, this cannot be true at all times because gardening can be learned.

Why Use Potting Mix?

Why buy a bag of soil if you have a garden full of it? Because potting mix is no ordinary soil – and potted plants need something special if they are to grow properly. What’s wrong with my soil?

How to Keep Your Grass Green This Summer!

The long, hot days of summer are challenging for any lawn. Avoid dry brown grass by following our simple tips to keep your grass looking good! Don’t over-pamper your lawn. If you water your lawn regularly, it will come to depend on it.

Gardening The New Age Way And Enjoying The Results

There are many varieties of vegetable garden setups, one of the most recent and quickly growing sensations is aquaponics. Easily created the rewards are amazing, the time and effort required is minimal and the results taste even better than they do from my typical soil vegetable garden.

Creating a Tuscan Garden

Mediterranean-style gardens, like those in Tuscany, are gaining popularity in the Washington area. Not only are they beautiful to look at, the warm colors of a Tuscan style garden can also bring a unique touch to a North American home.

Digital Light Timers – Four Distinct Stages of Growing Plants Indoors

The first stage of growing some plants inside is the seeds. You will have some plants that you propagate from cuttings. However, for most vegetables and flowering annuals, you will use seeds. Seeds need heat as a rule. In order to accomplish that heat, you have a few options. The low tech way is to put the seed trays on top of the refrigerator until they germinate.

If You’re Not Employing LED Grow Lights, You’re Probably Burning Up A Lot Of Cash

If you’re searching for the equivalent to the sun’s rays, LED lights produce the kind of illumination you seek. Even if there’s no natural sunlight to be had, you can plug in the right sort of equipment and it will do the job that the sun will perform, helping you raise healthy, mature plants.

The Garden in November

You could be forgiven for thinking the November is a time when the garden starts to shut down for winter and nothing much is going on. Look more carefully and you might be surprised. November is often thought of as the start of the gardening year, the month when traditionally trees and shrubs are planted. But for me, the glory of November lies in the colours. Leaves are turning on the trees and even the dead stems of perennials provide a striking backdrop against a riot of gold, bronze, reds and browns.

How Do Greenhouses Work?

We all know what a greenhouse is; these structures are familiar sights to nearly everyone. Whether you live in a large city or a rural area, you see greenhouses from time to time and perhaps every day.

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