Snail Issue In My Coconut Coir Worm Bin | Worms Receive Citrus During Feeding | Vermicomposting

Snail Issue In My Coconut Coir Worm  Bin | Worms Receive Citrus During Feeding | Vermicomposting

Use Papaver Somniferum to Colonize Tricky Garden Aspects

Most gardens have a tricky area to plant somewhere. It may be a very shady patch which is situated under a large tree. To make matters even worse, this shady aspect may also be very dry, making growing all but the hardiest of plants difficult. On the other hand, you may be having trouble growing plants in an area which is flooded with sunlight all day and therefore becomes very dry and hot. Finding plants to suit such areas can be immensely difficult, and it may simply be a case of trial and error to try and get something to take. However, if you’re looking for plants which can grow in almost any aspect, then it is worth using Papaver somniferum seeds.

Creating Drought Tolerant Gardens With Papaver Somniferum

When you think of drought tolerant gardens the first plants that may spring to mind are succulents and cacti, along with other plant species more accustomed to growing in a desert. While there are many great gardens created along these planting concepts, making a drought tolerant garden doesn’t necessarily involve only using these plant types. And one group of plants that you could consider if you want to create a garden which requires less water is that of the Papaver somniferum.

Use Oriental Poppies for the Changing Garden

Gardens, by their very nature, are a continually changing environment. In the short term each season brings about different growth, flowers, and foliage whether it’s the rush of green in the spring months, or the changing leaf hues in the fall. Over longer periods of time gardens are an ever changing environment as plants mature, die, are removed, or added to the mix. If you love nothing more than to enjoy a garden which is constantly changing throughout the year then you need to plant a range of species will which offer different traits depending on the month and season. And one great group of plants which are fantastic for this are Oriental poppies.

Using Oriental Poppies for Curb-Side Appeal

We’ve all done it, driven or walked past someone’s house and been green with envy at their front garden. Whether it’s a few beautifully kept pots, or a beautiful rolling lawn with vibrant flowerbed at the end, the use of plants can do wonders for any property’s curb-side appeal. Thriving and beautiful plants instantly provide an aesthetic appeal, not to mention connotations that the house owners take time to look after themselves, their home, and their garden.

Using California Poppies for Urban Spaces

You may assume that you can only enjoy the beauty of flowers if you have a garden, whether its a large or small space. If you live in an urban area, getting access to outside areas other than public parks can often be difficult, especially in the modern world where sky rise apartment blocks are becoming increasingly common. This doesn’t mean that you can’t grow a range of plants and flowers to bring color to your environment. And if you’re looking for a great group of plants which suit small containers and baskets then California poppies are ideal.

Fill in the Gaps With California Poppies

Most gardeners, no matter how tirelessly they work in their garden, will get some gaps in their borders at some point. Perhaps plants have died over the winter due to harsh weather, or the changing garden seasons have left an area of the garden looking untidy, colorless and unloved. These gaps can often make the difference between having a good garden and a great garden and they can easily be filled in with California poppies.

Gardens – Ten Flowering Plants That Attract Bumblebees

The Bumblebee is a wild relative of the honey bee. There are currently 25 species of Bumblebee in the United Kingdom, all on the decline. Not only do they pollinate a wide variety of flowers, fruit and vegetables, they play a key part in pollinating rare plants that other insects do not, or cannot pollinate. Bumblebees pollinate plants using a method called ‘buzz pollination’, which means they vibrate their wings to shake the pollen of the flowers.

Moth Garden – Herbs to Encourage Moths

Most people have heard of planting a butterfly garden, to attract more butterflies, however how many of us think of their close relatives – the moth? We need to increase not only the number of butterflies, but moths too and planting a moth garden could just help increase the number of moths that visit your garden, as well as ensure the survival of certain species of moth.

Types Of Rock Gardens And Planting Ideas – Part 1

There are many forms of rock gardens that you could use in your garden. In this article are just a couple of ideas that you could create for your family and friends to enjoy, not to mention yourself.

Permaculture – Nature Gardening In Your Backyard

Permaculture is a method of gardening that is based on ecological and biological principles. It is a natural method of gardening that works along with nature to maximizes the natural resources that exist to benefit plant growth, along with minimizing the amount of physical labor needed to achieve a thriving garden at the same time.

Growing Cilantro/Coriander Organically

When you’re growing organic cilantro for its leaves, it’s called cilantro. It is also grown for its dried seeds; the seeds are called coriander. Learn more in this article.

Hydroponics Plants

Hydroponics plants refer to the plants growing in a mineral nutrient environment without soil. The word hydroponics is originated from two Greek words “Hydro” (water) and “Ponics” (labor), and this sort of soil-less practice has been used by people thousands of years ago in ancient Babylon and China. Although hydroponics plants are usually cultivated in some nutrient-rich water, other materials are also used such as the mixture of barks and so on. Different plant mediums will be suitable for different hydroponics environments. During the last few decades, the soil-less cultivation has gain more popularity in more and more countries.

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