Small Orchard Pest Control – Fencing Tips for Protection From Deer

Few sights are as beautiful as a small group of browsing deer, unless the browsing is on the newly-budding shoots of your orchard peach tree. Electric fence plus some aversion therapy resulted in our enjoying the fruit from our orchard rather than feeding the local deer population.

Garden Tools Care in the Winter

In the winter, there’s almost no work in the garden and we don’t need to use most of the garden tools through the season. Most of the gardeners simply throw them in the garage or a closet and shut the door. However, if you want to use them for longer time, you should provide them a proper care. Here are some of the most important care tips about garden tools.

Knowing the Best Tomatoes to Grow

Growing fruits is not as easy as it sounds. If you are dead bent on growing your favorite fruit, you need to enrich yourself with the expertise needed. You need to research and prepare yourself both physically and mentally. This will be a walk in the park I guarantee you. One fruit that is equally challenging as all the other is tomatoes. Just like all fruits, the process of growing tomatoes is a very meticulous one. From growing them to maintaining their health, everything can be very stress inducing if you came unprepared. The most important facet of growing tomatoes which is the most essential part is selecting the best tomatoes to grow.

Intensive Vegetable Gardening – A Total No Dig Plan

Grow more food in your natural organic garden this clever ‘companion planting’ way. An introduction to the tested high-yield food production system called neo-intensive gardening.

Your Very Own Worm Factory: Can O Worms

Having your own Can O Worms at home can bring a lot of good returns for you (plus its safe to have around when you’ve got kids at home). Other than the accessibility and the convenience that a can o worms can offer you, you also get to practice recycling on your own initiative. Recycling organic scraps and involving the use of composting worms in the process can make these decomposing materials breakdown much faster than all the other types of composting approaches. You can just take example of leaf composting. It can take a while for the leaves to produce finished compost. While the use of worms, you can be guaranteed to harvest castings in just a matter of weeks.

How to Make Money: Venture Into Raising Worms for Profit

There are a lot of ways to make money. But if you’re already a gardener or a worm composter (by simply just raising and breeding worms for personal reasons), then raising worms for profit can be the best pitch for you. Having compost worms not just as pets can certainly help you make some money.

Are Your Red Worms Happy in Their Bin?

Have you checked on your red worms lately? Well, you should always keep a close eye on your worms. Even if you don’t check them everyday, always see them at least 2 to 3 times in a week. So when you’re raising and breeding red worms for composting, it’s best that you keep your worms well cared for at all times.

Vermicomposting 101: Benefits of Composting

What are the benefits of composting? Well, there are a lot actually. Whether you’re practicing composting at home, or anywhere else that gives you accessibility and convenience, being able to recycle unwanted resources is one great thing to it. Learn more about the many things that you can get just by composting daily generated organic wastes.

How to Get Started on a Red Worm Composting Project

When it comes to composting with red wigglers, there are four essentials that should always be taken into consideration, and these would be the worm composter, the bedding materials, the organic food scraps, and the compost worms. Now without these four components, vermicomposting won’t work as efficiently as expected. So how does one get started on a red worm composting project?

The Contents of a Worm Composting Bin

If you haven’t tried composting with worms yet, then this article might just help you get started on one. Worm composting is a natural process that involves the use of compost worms (whether these are red wigglers or nightcrawler worms). These soil creatures do the work by simply breaking down anything that’s organic and decomposing (helps you recycle as well). Now after digestion, expect these worms to excrete a valuable source of fertilizer called castings. This is just letting you know that this and others more can be found inside a worm composting bin. If you find this bit of information interesting, then read further of this article.

The Value of Owning Your Own Composting Bins

The use of composting bins are quite helpful especially for those who find composting a pleasant and rewarding task. So even if you’re into just plain composting or into worm composting, a compost bin will simply help contain your organic scraps until it becomes a nutritious form of humus. You can just imagine the wastes from your kitchen and yard, slowly turning into a naturally-made fertilizer; and all the decomposing and breaking down of these raw materials are all happening just inside this clear-cut container. May it be a rotating compost bin or a fixed worm bin, a composter is truly a remarkable piece of equipment.

Where To Get Yard Garden Solar Ideas

The garden is one part of our house that needs to be beautified so that the whole facade will look great and at the same time will catch the attention of anyone who passes by your place. It is very important that you put decors and get flowery plants to add color and beauty to your place. You could probably see in big gardens that it has different decors like fountains, gnomes, lights and a lot more. These decors sometimes cost much and it makes our electrical consumption hike up.

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