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Using Gardening Equipment to Match Garden Effort

How large or small your garden is will determine the type of gardening equipment you need to help plant the seeds and harvest your produce. However, the number one thing you should consider when looking to purchase gardening equipment is whether it will be practical or if it would make you feel better just by simply owning it. If you have a small garden, for example, that is under 100-square feet in size, you most likely don’t require a large rotor-tiller to keep the weeds to a minimum.

6 Techniques Uncovered For Orchid Propagation

Orchid seed is not like another seed that has starch in it for sustenance and growth. Orchid seed is rather very similar to grime and would not survive if special condition would be developed in early stages of its development. This technique will need absolutely sterility and it makes it more difficult way…

Which Type of Orchids Are Suitable for Indoors?

Although in the literature it is said that there are many different types and hybrids of orchids but actually there are only two main species of orchids. The terrestrial orchids grow on the ground; the other type, epiphytes develop on trees, rocks, branches, trunks.

Eustoma Flower – Vulcan Purple Picotee

The ‘Vulcan Purple Picotee’, are funnel-shaped flowers, with sturdy and compact sized leaves, so they are not destroyed during the transport and storage. The launching on the market was a success thanks to the festive colours; as flowers are white with blue and purple edges. Even the stems are uniform and the average life duration in the vase is 13 days.

Famous Chili Flower – Capsicum Annum

In recent years cultivars has taken particular interest in the Capsicum annum. Actually this is a rediscovery, as this was introduced in Europe in the middle five hundredths, but originated from South America where it was used for ornamental purposes, and only later was used in the Kitchen instead of the pepper. This was much more expensive and therefore reserved to the nobility (this is why in Spanish pepper and chili are both called, pimento).

No Weeds, No Guilt – Tips For a Toxic-Free Lawn Or Garden

Nothing makes a hard core green thumb madder than weeds in the lawn or garden. They’re ugly. They compete for light, water, and nutrients. Sometimes they make you itch or sneeze!

Moving Trees and Shrubs

It is of course best to plant a tree or shrub in its final position, but even in the best planned garden this is not always practical. Moving established plants, even small ones, is hard work and needs careful forethought. However, with a few helpers and good preparation, many plants can be moved successfully. The best time for transplanting most established trees or shrubs is during the dormant season, late autumn to early spring. However, the soil should not be waterlogged or frozen at this will damage the soil structure and make it more difficult for the plant to re establish itself.

Making Moves

Before you start, decide on the new position of the plant and prepare the planting hole, which should be about twice as wide and as deep as the root ball. You should fork over the bottom of the hole, incorporating a bucketful of grit on heavy soils to improve the drainage. Use a spade to cut a slit trench around the tree or shrub being moved to mark out the size of the root ball and to sever any roots near to the surface. Then cut a second slit trench about 12 inches further out and dig out the soil in between to form a trench around the specimen.

Gardening Questions – What Are the Next 5 Best, Easy Vegetables to Grow in My Garden?

POLE BEANS are one of my favorite plants to grow. You should only grow them if you like 3 Bean Salad or Green Bean Casserole or some other way of cooking them or if you have a lot of kids to feed because they are very prolific.

Stewing Herbs – The Age of the Great Unwashed!

Although you may think these herbs were called as such for culinary purposes…you will be surprised by the actual reference to the name. This historic period in history became then known as the “age of the great unwashed”

Growing an Orchid Under Artificial Lights

Orchids can brighten up your home and gardens with their natural beauty. They are popular house plants because they come in an assortment of colors, shapes and fragrances, making them interesting pieces that can delight anyone who loves staring at beautiful plants and flowers.

Which Type of Orchid Will it Be For You?

Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by the many types and variations of orchids. Learn how to distinguish them so you can chose the ones that are best for your home or garden.

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