Tiny Worm Bin feeding & check on composting worms. 20 days old, built in a Vermicomposting class

Integrated Control Options for Root Knot Nematodes Part 1

Many gardeners will have seen root knot nematode (Meloidogyne spp.) infection in your crops, especially if you have sandy soils. It is easily diagnosed as it commonly causes swellings or galls on the roots and other underground parts of your plants which can vary from 1 mm to several centimetres in diameter.

Garlic – Four Tips to Growing Big Beautiful Bulbs

Do you want to grow big gorgeous garlic? This article lightheartedly details four gardening tips designed to help you grow garlic big enough to make the neighbors jealous.

Discover 7 Varieties Of Big Tomatoes Popular With Home Gardeners

The bigger varieties of tomatoes are so popular because home gardeners pick them to make their chutney, pickles, soups and other cooked tomato dishes. They are hungry plants and require good fertilizer to produce the best fruit but all that is worth it for the results that you get from these hardy plants. Find out the most popular varieties.

Organic Lawn Fertilizer – Excellent Grass Fertilizing

Your lawn needs nutrients to grow green, lush and healthy. Here we’ll guide you through the ingredients of an organic lawn fertilizer, focusing on the three most important elements that your lawn needs – potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus.

Planter Box – Your Garden’s Replica in the Urban Jungle

Gardening is something that everyone should take pleasure in. The hustle and bustle of city life should not discourage anyone from realizing their green thumb.

New to Tomato Growing?

Love them or hate them, tomatoes are one of the vegetables that many gardeners grow for the satisfaction of sinking their teeth in to a tastier, fresher fruit than any supermarket can provide. Supermarkets source their tomatoes from generic commercially grown tomato farms and in the process the tomatoes lose taste and freshness.

Orchid Types – Vanilla, The Sweet Taste Of Orchids

Most people would not know that the popular flavoring nowadays known as vanilla as comes from orchids. Yes, some of your favorite sweets like ice cream and chocolates can actually attribute their flavoring to these fruitful plants.

7 Ideas to Keep Gardening Fun and Simple

Gardening should be simple and enjoyable. Here are some suggestions to help it be that way.

Aquaponics At Home – Easier Than You Think

If you have made the decision to grow an aquaponic system so that you are able to enjoy fresh vegetables and beautiful fish, you will want to know several things that could help you with this fascinating hobby. All of the different types of seeds and fish need to be grown in the proper water conditions, since this is the basis for this particular activity.

How to Grow Celery – An Essential Guide

From seed to table, find out how to grow celery. Including steps on soil preparation, planting seeds, fertilizing and watering, pests and problems, and harvesting.

Aquaponics – Easy Way to Grow Organic Food

Aquaponics – Easy and Fun – The U.S. organic food industry is a $26.7 billion market. Organic food is more accessible now than it was a decade ago. From the corner grocer to the mass market retailer, produce shelves are brimming with organic fruits and vegetables for the health-conscious consumer. Some commercially-grown organic vegetables are lower in quality and more expensive than pesticide-laden vegetables.

Fresh Herb Gardens Are Not Limited To Cooking

A fresh herb garden is one of the best ways you can benefit the needs of your family’s health. Planting medical herbs as well as herbs for culinary or aromatic use are just some of the reasons.

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