Grow Room Ventilation Secrets

Control the temperature of your grow room by using simple ventilation secrets. The point of building your grow room or grow box is to control the conditions. Learn how here.

Crab Apple Varieties for Most Landscapes

Crab apples are planted in parks, on boulevards and in other public places, as well as urban and suburban yards in many parts of the world. Their flamboyant display of spring blossoms is often the reason.

Discover The Many Advantages Of Building Your Own Storage Shed

Are you always at a loss as to where to store your tools and gardening equipment? Do you run out of space in your garage? Have you ever considered a Storage Shed?

Water My Garden With Tap Water – Is This Okay?

Is it okay to water my garden with tap water? You might be wondering why some people are asking this question since in most cases it is always okay to water your garden plants using the tap from your house. However, for plant lovers and enthusiasts of ornamental flowers, some plants must not be watered with just any water because there are some varieties of plants that are quite sensitive to certain ingredients.

Tips on Starting Your First Garden

One of the first things to consider when starting your first vegetable garden is the selection of an ideal location. Hopefully you will have a choice, but if not, it simply means making the best use of the area you have available. Not having a site ideally suited, that is, does not receive enough sun could mean crops or produce that does not ripen or mature and is smaller than normal

Easy Orchid To Grow

Orchids generally have a reputation for being very fussy plants. In order to cultivate them successfully, one must meet their requirements for light, temperature and humidity. But only if you provide the proper environment for the growth, you’ll be rewarded with fabulous blooms.

What Is The Best Potting Mix for Container Growing?

The foundation of successful and a crop-filled container gardening experience is a good potting mix. Every thriving plant needs good soil to live on, and using badly mixed, low quality soil won’t get anyone anywhere. Expert gardeners and farmers all have their signature or preferred mix, but not every beginner knows the favorable kind of potting mix.

How to Stop Fungus And Plant Disease When Container Growing

Getting the plant infested with pests, fungus and disease is any farmer or gardener’s worst nightmare. Those little brown leaves or black spots could mean nothing at first, but it is almost always too late to save the plant whenever damages are already visible, but it doesn’t mean growers should give up easily.

Cottage Garden Plants and Companion Herbs, What Are They?

When we think of romantic country gardens, a garden full of Cottage Garden Plants comes to mind. Many do not realize that many of these plants are also herbs and help each other grow and thrive. Cottage Garden Plants and companion herbs are synonymous.

Plant Tuberose for Nighttime Fragrance

Tuberose is widely planted outdoors in moon gardens, because they release their fragrance at night. Grow them indoors in pots in colder areas.

The Ideal Garden Set Gift

Ever wondered what is the ideal present to give somebody? It’s difficult to find presents for true garden enthusiasts. Serious home gardeners are in a world of their very own, and will be infamously fussy and selective about their garden tools and equipment. Well, here are a few suggestions that are certain to make any genuine garden fanatic leap for joy.

Hydroponics Success Grow With LED Lights

Today, hydroponics is getting a second wind thanks to researchers who grow with LED lights. NASA, for example, is experimenting with hydroponic plants that grow with LED lights as part of its continued research into Controlled Ecological Life Support Systems, or CELSS. The most famous CELSS was Biosphere 2, the huge glass facility in the Arizona desert that uses hydroponics to grow food.

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