VermiBag Mini Gets Some New Members

VermiBag Mini Gets Some New Members

Aquaponics – Water Quality and Characteristics

Water quality and characteristics is very important with aquaponic gardening. Be careful not to use a chlorinated tap water in your fish tank, chlorine will kill the bacteria that is an essential part of the system. To remove chlorine from tap water, you can either use a de-chlorination filter, or top off your tanks on a frequent basis with only a very small amounts of water,keeping it less than 5% of the water volume, or by de-gassing the water in a separate tank before using it in your fish tank.

Interesting Facts About Chrysanthemums

Have you ever seen Chrysanthemums? Well, these are flowers that bloom and turn up into different outward appearances. Other than that, this plant type also comes in an assortment of colors. You may be able to see this in yellow, purple, white, and red (amongst other colors).

How To Make The Perfect Potting Mix For Anthuriums

If you want to raise a vibrant anthurium plant, choosing the correct planting medium is vital. Pick the incorrect soil mix and your plant may develop slowly, stop making flowers, or worse, it might even die.

Growing Ornamental Plants

Because ornamental plants can certainly brighten up your garden, these types of plants always qualify as favorites of any gardener. Ornamental plants are also known as house plants and garden plants. They are specifically grown and cultivated for displaying functions.

Planting Grapes – The Correct and Easy Way

For people who want to have the convenience of enjoying grapes whenever they want to the need to learn the correct process of planting grapes. The same thing goes people who want to take up wine making as a business. This process is going to be tough if you do not arm yourself with knowledge and preparation.

Water Garden Pond, Traditional Koi Pond, or Hybrid Koi Pond – Which Is Best for You?

This guide explains the difference between a Water Garden Pond, Traditional Koi Pond, and Hybrid Koi Pond. Learn what makes them different and what will best suit your needs and home.

Phal Orchids – Phalaenopsis

Phalaenopsis orchids or phal orchids are among the most popular orchids today. In this article some phalaenopsis features are explained. I also give some tips to grow phal orchids and how should we care for them.

Plant Gift For Christmas Flower Box

My next design is the flower box. Typically, flower boxes are gardening design and usually placed outdoors but some people who got no backyards enjoy the designer container box in their living space.

Growing a Bald Cypress Bonsai

Many cypress varieties are perfect for beginner bonsai artists. This article introduces the Bald Cypress and two other popular cypress species in the world of bonsai.

Aquaponics – Key Elements For Success

Aquaponic gardening is a unique method that needs some research, training, skills and management to be successful. It is not the same as the traditional method of container gardening with a potting soil or media, or the traditional methods of hydroponics.

The Best Composter

Okay, so you’ve decided to make your own compost. You like the idea of reducing your footprint on the planet by reducing the amount of garbage you throw out. You want to turn your trash into fertilizer, for free, and improve the health of your soil, and get wonderful fruits, vegetables, plants, and flowers as a bonus. What is the best composter to use? Here are some tips.

Secrets of Indoor Growing

Indoor growing is an art, put mildly. The requirements are high yet the produce is even higher time after time. Indoor growing has its secrets that many growers will not share with others and quite often the grow shop guy wont tell you as your wasting money in his or her grow shop trying to get the process correct.

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