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Grow Broccoli for Health

Top marks for growing and eating this incredibly healthy vegetable. Plant out the seedlings from late autumn to early spring. I tend to plant before the weather gets too cold but before the winter weather really sets in.

Rose Tree Garden: Expert Tips For Beginners

Expert tricks to safeguard your trees. How to keep roses alive through the winter no matter where you live.

Get Kids Interested in Gardening

Kids love to do stuff and that includes gardening! They are encouraged to think more about the planet these days. Personally, I call it brainwashing but they do so love to see things growing. Today’s children are all to often in front of the television, or computer and are losing the hands on skills that real life needs them to know.

Polytunnels Offer You Speed and Quality!

When it comes to fruit and veg, it’s better to choose quality over speed. A Polytunnel can offer you both! Perhaps not the speed of popping into the supermarket, but certainly a quality that is worth waiting for. Choosing to grow your own fruit and veg in a polytunnel is a great choice for a number of reasons!

How to Repot a Rootbound Plant – Easy Instructions

Re-potting a rootbound plant is a fairly simple process, yet it is a very necessary part of ensuring the health and robustness of your potted house plants. Simple as the process is, though, there are a few intricacies to it. In this article I will tell you how to re-pot a houseplant and share some tips and tricks that will bring out the best result.

Basic Rose Care For Your Garden

Growing roses for your garden can be easy and enjoyable. This article will touch on some of the major points to growing roses. With just a little attention to a few important aspects you can have a beautiful rose garden for your home.

Have Your Garden Plants Delivered

Shop for your garden plants and flowers online, where you can arrange to get your garden plants delivered to your door. When buying online from the comfort of your home you can select exactly the right garden plants and shrubs to suit your needs.

Contemporary Planters: A New Way of Art

There are a lot of choices given for this type of art and craft. The key to this is creativity and freedom of expressing oneself to share art with others.

Big Planters – Experience a More Distinctive Way of Living

This attracts customers and other buyer, which could entail a flourishing business pursuit. In addition, if you are currently living in a highly urbanized environment and available space inside or outside your home, hotel or restaurants are not enough to hold all your plants, and then it would be a great idea to have it placed on big planters.

An Expert Guide on Growing Chillies From Chilli Seeds!

So you want to start growing chillies? Maybe you’ve already tried but never got the results your were looking for? Fear not. Here are some little pointers to get you started and guide you through the different stages of chilli plant growth.

Kitchen Garden Or Container Garden Made Easy – Time To Start Thinking About Growing

Ever wanted to grow fresh vegetables and flowers but don’t have the space and don’t want the hard work and due diligence of keeping your plants alive and well? Then read on, this article on container garden will at the least intrigue you if you are like me a ‘wannabee’ gardener but hate the hard work and commitment. This simple system which comprises a hose timer with drip tape (no, not a soaker hose) which drips water into compost bags (purchased from your local home and garden retailers) allows many varieties of vegetables and flowers to grow without worrying about weeding, feeding or watering…

How to Grow Tomatoes in Containers

Tomatoes are widely used all around the world in everything from sauces to salads. Those who value its real freshness and taste grow them on their own, either on land or through container gardening. For those who wish to start their own tomato plant, here is a rough guide on how to do it:

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