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10 Reasons Why You Must Go In For Raised Bed Gardening

Raised bed gardening is a kind of gardening in which the soil is placed in beds about 1.2 m wide. They can be of any shape or length.

Grow Adenium (Desert Rose) From Seed

If like me you are interested in flowering house plants, flowering succulents or beautiful flowers in general then you have probably come across a species known as the Desert Rose which flowers continuously for around 9 months of the year with some of the most showiest floral displays around and I might add much cheaper than buying bunches of flowers every week! Well if you have here is a simple, very useful and helpful “How To” guide on Growing Adenium seeds with very easy to follow step by step instructions to offer the best results possible when germinating desert rose seeds.

DIY LED Grow Light – Exactly What You Need

Some people just have a desire to do things with their own two hands. Whether this is working on their own vehicle, renovating their own home, or growing their own food, there is something to be said for do-it-yourselfers. For a home gardener interested in growing some of their own fruits, vegetables, or even flowering plants, starting a garden is not always the easiest thing to do.

What Is a Greenhouse Shade Cloth?

Basically, a shade cloth is any material that can be placed over the greenhouse’ roof and walls that, in turn, will block out the sun’s direct heat from entering the structure. The most common material is loosely-woven polyester with varying intensities from 5% to 95% depending on the shade levels required.

Light for Orchids Is Essential

Natural light for orchids is essential. However, it is not always possible for your orchid to receive the most effective light that it requires. You can provide the best light possible, and that can be done in several ways. The placement of your orchid is very important because light, temperature and other factors will have some affect on the health of your orchid.

Caring for Orchids – A Couple Of Simple Tips

With knowing something about the orchid that you are purchasing for your home, you will be able to provide that orchid with everything it needs. It is a given that you understand their basic needs of light, temperature, water, soil and fertilizer. Are you caring for orchids based upon their needs or upon your needs? Each plant requires a certain amount of each of the environmental elements, and orchids are no exception. You may have a number of questions about how you should be caring for orchids; there is nothing wrong in the fact that you don’t know. This is the perfect time to expand your knowledge about orchids. No bloom? Pests? Repotting? Roots overgrowing?

How to Create a Simple and Cheap Flower Arrangement for Five Dollars

A beautiful flower arrangement on the center table as you enter the door, the fresh scent of flowers welcoming you. The colors brighten your mood no matter how lousy your day, or how bad the weather. It is such a different experience when you enter a designer home. This article shows you a simple and cost effective two step method to flower arrangement so you can create the same effect in your house. Turn your simple house into a designer home with a beautiful flower arrangement that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket each week.

What Is Compost Tea and How to Make It

Tea anyone? No it isn’t a round of golf on the green. But it can make the greens greener. No it isn’t what you drink in the afternoons from small cups. Compost Tea is a liquid light brown or yellowish in color made as liquid plant fertilizer.

Secrets of Growing Lemongrass

Do you love the smell and zesty flavor of lemongrass? Do you like growing your own herbs? Well get this, growing lemongrass is incredible easy. All you need to get started is a jar, water, and few stalks of lemongrass from the supermarket. If you live in a zone 9 region, which is mostly the southwest and parts of Florida, you can grow lemongrass outside to produce impressive plants. Don’t worry if you live elsewhere though, it also makes a great indoor plant. Keep reading if you want to learn more about how to grow lemongrass.

Home Vegetable Gardening: The New Prescription From Doctors and Nutritionists

While finishing up a project I was working on the other night, I was flipping through TV stations to at least put something on that was watchable as background noise. I came across an infomercial selling some new great weight loss product that is guaranteed to give you those 6 pack abs and rock hard muscles in as little as 20 minutes a day.

Keeping Your Home Vegetable Garden Pest Free, Safely

There is a question that I hear most often from home vegetable gardeners. How can you keep your garden pest free without spraying harmful chemicals on them? As one person wrote me, “Isn’t one of the points of growing your own food, to avoid all the chemicals and have it be safe?”

How To Make An Aquaponic Garden

For a straightforward definition, aquaponics is a combination of fish producing (aquaculture) and having plants without the use of soil (hydroponics). It is an emblematic relationship in which the fish will actually aid the plants and then vice versa. It’s a cycle that works very nicely with both environments exercising as one and not as separate ones.

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