Worm Factory 360 Update After a Little Neglect…

Worm Factory 360 Update After a Little Neglect...

Some Useful Tools Professional Landscapers Use

Landscapers are professionals who use the tools of the trade to make their landscaping tasks easy and straightforward. If you are going to garden seriously work on your gardening tasks then use the following tools to make your job easier.

Making a Compost Bin: How to Build One At Home

Manufacturers have come up with multiple products these days to simplify the compost-making process. Many people choose to use garden tumblers or other composters to simplify the process. But you can do it the old-fashioned way and make a compost bin. Here’s how to build one at home.

Buying Bush And Cane Fruits

Look for varieties that have been certified, which means they have been inspected and approved as being of a certain quality. All types of currants should have three or four equally strong, well spaced branches of about pencil thickness so the plant forms a well balanced bush. Many red currants and white currants are sold on a short, clear stem, about four inches long, but all black currants shoot from the ground. For gooseberries, these plants are also sold on a short stem about four inches long. Choose one with a balanced head of three or four well spaced and equally strong branches.

Growing Trained Fruit Trees

Although free standing fruit trees look lovely, the best way to grow fruit trees in a small garden is as trained forms against boundaries and as garden dividers. Not only do they take up less room, but they are practical advantages to the method. A sunny wall or fence offers several advantages for training fruit. The trees are well supported and branches well spaced. Walls and fences help to protect the blossom from cold winds and frosts in early spring, and encourage rapid ripening of fruit in late summer. Another advantage is that all parts of the tree are within reach, making maintenance straightforward.

It Takes Good Soil to Grow a Great Garden!

When it comes to gardening, all dirt isn’t created equal. Find out what you need to do to make the soil in your garden the best for growing great produce!

The Basics of Spring Lawn Care

Does the spring weather have you itching to get out and work in the yard? Here are a few things you need to remember about spring lawn care so you can have a beautiful lawn all summer long!

Your First Vegetable Garden

Are you ready to start your first garden? Follow these simple tips to get your garden off to a great start!

Hardwood Cuttings

These cuttings are taken from current year’s shoots of deciduous woody plants that are fully ripe. When the plant has lost its leaves, you need to select vigorous and healthy stems of around pencil thickness. Trim them off the plant using pruners just above a bud or pair of buds. Prepare the cutting so that it is about ten to twelve inches long, making a horizontal cut at the bottom and an angled cut at the top. Wound difficult to root subjects and dip the cut ends in hormone rooting powder. Hardwood cuttings are usually rooted outside in a sheltered spot.

The Benefits of a Small Tiller

Small garden tillers are becoming the must have tool for home gardeners. Find out how a mini tiller can benefit your garden.

3 Tips for Growing a Great Garden

To grow a great garden you need to pay attention to three major facts. Find out what you need to do to be a successful gardener.

Making the Most of Small Space Gardening

Do you think that you can’t garden just because you have a small space? Never fear! You can garden almost anywhere. It just takes a little planning and creativity!

Joseph’s Coat Rose

If you wish to add vibrant colors to your garden, there is no better choice than Joseph’s Coat Rose. Bred in 1964 in United States by David L. Armstrong and Herbert C. Swim, this lovely flower won the Bagatelle Gold Medal in the very same year.

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