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Successfully Repotting Orchids For Optimum Growth

As with other plants, orchids require to be displaced to bigger pots as they develop. The procedure of repotting an orchid, and of orchid care generally, is a little more perplexed than handling your distinctive houseplant. But taking the time to do it correctly will pay back in healthy, flourishing and flowering orchid plants.

Plant Growth: Better Air Flow Equals Better Plant Growth

Adding air circulation to your enclosed grow room will make the temperature steadier and increase oxygen flow to your plants. Improve plant growth by ensuring your plants get plenty of oxygen and CO2.

Creating a Bird Feeder With Proofing for Squirrels

The biggest and most annoying pests that people who feed birds can name, would have to be those pesky squirrels. Squirrels will quite happily steal bird feed and make sure the birds you intend to feed, don’t get any of it, since they are quite effective at scaring birds out of people’s gardens in order to keep food for themselves. To solve this problem, a bird feeder with proofing for squirrels is essential.

Don’t Use A Hose – Drip Irrigation Is The Answer

Drip irrigation provides an efficient method of watering greenhouse plants. The system consists of tubing and drippers, valves that a gentle flow of water. The tubing can be hidden or left in the open.

Know Your Beans!

The summer garden is incomplete without beans of some sort growing. Beans provide great crops whether they are climbing or dwarf. Broad beans fill the gap when summer has finished in the garden.

Growing Organic Peppers

If you’re growing organic peppers this year in your garden, whether you’re growing sweet peppers (also referred to as bell peppers) or if you’re growing hot peppers, the growing instructions are essentially the same for either type of pepper. And if you’re growing your peppers from seed, you’ll have way more variety choices than if you purchase pepper starts from a garden center.

Growing Organic Spinach

If you’re growing organic spinach, it grows best in the cooler weather at the beginning and end of your area’s growing season. Spinach seeds can be planted once the ground is workable (which is up to 8 weeks before the last frost date) with consecutive plantings through spring. Read more in the full article.

Indoor Plants and Humidity

Very high, or very low humidity can be damaging for indoor plants. Usually, due to the excessive use of heaters and air conditioners, a low level of humidity is more of a problem than too much, in most houses.

Identifying Potential Hazards With Trees

We always look to promote tree growth and prosperity during trimming. We are also very familiar with tree removal and make that a large part of our business. Identifying a tree in danger of failure is an important part of what we can offer the well being of trees in general.

Easiest Garden Vegetables to Grow – Top 10 Vegetables to Plant in Your Garden

Raising your vegetables for home use is a wise decision you should consider seriously the fact that buying them in the market does not guarantee that they’re grown organically. The best decision for you is to grow your own vegetables right in your garden or in containers. You’re sure that what you grow is safe and chemical free, because you’re the one planting them.

How to Grow Healthy Beans

This is an article giving you lots of information on how to prepare your soil, dig furrows and plant your bean seeds. It also informs the reader on when to plant them, what are the best temperatures to plant and what to do if you live in frost prone areas. It gives suggestions for staking and the best time to water your beans. It also gives information on growing broad beans and runner/scarlet beans.

Things To Consider When Choosing What Sort Of Garden Building To Buy

There are a wide range of different garden buildings out there. Here I provide a few insights to help aid selecting the right one for you.

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